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Thread: Season 300 - Deep Cuts

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    Default Song by the Accidentals: "Tangled Red and Blue"

    Both times I sang a line in the chorus wrong: "You'll push right through the sadness, through the tangled red and blue". "Sadness" became "madness" -- but that might be better anyway.

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    I had a little bit of time to watch a few of your wonderful submissions this morning. Gonna be a busy weekend. And I can't believe that Malcolm Young died!!! Damn.
    Alright folks, keep the tunes flowing in and sharpen up your western swing chops for season 301.

    bird’s eye view of my ukulele - Be Not Afraid Of Love - Yay, more Marc! I'm loving this stuff. Rabbit hole worthy for sure. And this cigar box uke, I keep wanting to ask if you made that.

    Barbablanca - The Castle Of The Morning - Yay, more Marc! I'm loving this stuff. Rabbit hole worthy for sure. And this cigar box uke, I keep wanting to ask if you made that.

    UkuleleLibrarian - Punk Rawr Show - This one sure woke me up this morning. I love it!! Never heard this before. I've never heard of the band either. Great energy. Thanks!

    RAB11 - TNT - Malcolm Young died?! Must have been while I was on the road yesterday. This is the first I'm hearing of it. DAMN! I'm a big AC/DC fan.*
    Thank you for playing this. Time we have an AC/DC week here.*

    turtledrum - Softly - Sublime and lovely Linda. Perfect for an autumn night in front of the fire. This is a new to me song. Beautiful.

    pabrizzer - Lost But Not Alone - I've never heard of Eagle & The Wolf, but if you praise them I have no doubt that it is worth a look and a listen. Beautiful tune Brian. I rarely hear you in that vocal register. Very nice.

    AlanDP - Play Me A Song Like I Used To Know - YES!!! I was hoping to get one of these originals in this week. I thought it would be a pastiche from the intro. I absolutely love this. Excellent lyrics. Right up my alley.*

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    I miss the Boston music scene of the pre-internet era. Inspired by the documentary Where Have All the Good Times Gone, here’s a look back and a wish for a more vital Boston music scene.

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    We are winding down here at season 300. What a week it's been. You people are fabulous. I've learned so many wonderful songs this week. I'll be down various rabbit holes for weeks! Thanks for your contributions. Still a few hours left so if you haven't had the time yet, now's your chance. And make sure you find yourself a fun tune to play 301. Western Swing is rabbit hole you will no doubt enjoy!
    Here's what you've done today:

    hendulele - Between You And Me - A serendipitous recording, right on Graham Parker"s bday! Wonderful. I have never heard this tune. Really nice.

    tootler - The Salt People - The banjo uke does fit nicely for this song, I agree. Interesting historical song. I love that you included all these wonderful bird pictures in your video. Nice addition!

    Recovering Bassist - I’m In Touch With Your World - Great cover! I loved The Cars' first album as well. Haven't heard this in years. I love your percussive use of the uke body. Excellent work.

    JodeTheToad - The Hills of Isle Au Haut - I am being exposed to so much new music this week! New to me anyway, and that's the point. Thanks so much for this. Not a song or artist I have ever heard of before. Very nice.

    Rustyy - Walkin’ Down The Road - I've always liked Jackie Blue. Never heard this one. Looking forward to checking out the original. Good tune Rusty. Thanks!

    Recovering Bassist - Bull Mountain Lad - I never knew he had the nickname "No Show Jones", lol. Poor guy. Yeah, I guess he's seen a lot of trouble in his time. Really good song.

    AlanDP - Stay In - I really like this tune. Nice use of the uke to simulate bells. And yeah, what the heck is a turtle dove? I'll have to see if I can find the original.*

    Desert Pavement - Plum Island National Anthem - Interesting tune. Never heard it before. All we drink is beer. Lol. Gotta nice shuffle thing going on here. I like it!

    Desert Pavement - You Gave Your Love To Me Softly - This sure is new to me. I like the lyrics. Cool song. I've never heard of Pinkerton either. Am I just old? lol. Thanks for turning me onto this.

    TCK - Stay Close To Me - Play in an outhouse anytime you like mate. Yeah, I've never heard this. Lovely tune. This just might send me down a rabbit hole. See you over at 301. Think I'll showcase my new uke!

    29moons - Put This Love To The Test - John, you made it! Yay. I have to admit, I did think you were about to Rick roll me. I have never heard of Jon Astley. At least I don't think I have. Cool tune. I'll have to have a listen to this album. You definitely hold it in high regard.

    dickadcock - Tangles Red And Blue - I've never heard of The Accidentals. Nice song, and well done. Sounds like my kind of tune.

    Demimondaine - Good Times - Haha, cute song. Is this another original? I like it. Beautiful sounding uke there. I remember wishing the hey day of the San Francisco music scene would return. Yup.

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    Several interesting rabbit holes appeared this week but the one I followed led me to the International Submarine Band and this recording from 1968. This song was written by Gram Parsons. He played with the International Submarine Band before joining the Byrds. This song also ended up on a Flying Burrito Brothers album.

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