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Thread: Alternative stringing for lower pitched Concert?

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    Default Alternative stringing for lower pitched Concert?

    Hello. I haven't used the forum for quite a while and have four ukes now instead of one. I'm more interested in the smaller ones now than I thought I would be but standard tuning is I think always going to be a bit high-pitched for me. I could and probably will experiment, but has anyone here tried something like the following?

    I was thinking of trying to use some hard-tension classical guitar strings, if not extra-hard, and trying to get at least three semitones lower without losing too much tension that it sounds bad. Does this sound like a hiding to nothing? (I can't believe how many times I've used that phrase today on massively different online discussion boards...)

    I tune my guitar to open C, and my baritone ukes a semitone lower than normal, and like how detuning can warm up a not so expensive instrument. I suppose I could also try my experiment on my all-mahogany tenor but I like the smaller sound of the Concert better for a reentrant tuning with no wound strings.

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    Presumably I can get two sets of Concert Uke strings out of four nylon guitar strings too...


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    Yes you can use classical guitar strings.
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    I bought some cheap guitar strings & tried them on my tenor & a long neck soprano, the tenor worked well, the concert scale was 'usable'.

    I presently have my long neck concert scale tuned to D G B E, (using tenor low G strings).
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    You can definitely get 2 semitones (Bb) lower with Southcoast HMU-NW or LHU-NW. 3 semitones (A) is "not recommended" but you could try it with the LHU set and if it didn't work, wind on up to Bb
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