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Thread: How Old Were You When You Started Playing Guitar?

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    I started at 10 and then again at 15 and then 18 and then 25 and then 35 and then 52.

    I'll try again some day.

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    I started when I was 11. But before that was playing the uke from age 8. Played for a few years, then took many, many, many years off. About 7 years ago picked the uke back up and most recently picked the guitar back up. Itís been fun relearning.
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    My dad bought me one at 16, I still have it. No lessons though and no the misery of self taught 40 years later. I suck. Discovered the uke 4 years ago and I am hooked. I think I will try the guitar again someday. I think I do it to self soothe and relax. I have no intention of performing. Love you guys!
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    I bought a Gibson f-hole electric from a pawn shop for $20 when I was ~17 years old. Never did anything but strum, & if it wasn't in the key of C or G, forget it. I moved around a lot & didn't really have a home to store things so, somewhere along the line, that sweet ole Gibson got left in a train station. I had it about 5 years & it always wore the same grubby strings that were on it when I bought it. I didn't play guitar since then until just a month or so ago. My fingers will not do what I want them to, as yet (I'm 87) but I keep trying & buying.

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    1977. I was nine. Picked up bass a year later, which turned out to be my main instrument for the next 20 years.
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    44. I thought I had no musical ability for decades, but picked up a cheap acoustic guitar a few years ago on a whim. Discovered JustinGuitar and learned the basics quickly. Still learning stuff.
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