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Thread: How Old Were You When You Started Playing Guitar?

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    I started at 10 and then again at 15 and then 18 and then 25 and then 35 and then 52.

    I'll try again some day.

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    I started when I was 11. But before that was playing the uke from age 8. Played for a few years, then took many, many, many years off. About 7 years ago picked the uke back up and most recently picked the guitar back up. It’s been fun relearning.
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    My dad bought me one at 16, I still have it. No lessons though and no the misery of self taught 40 years later. I suck. Discovered the uke 4 years ago and I am hooked. I think I will try the guitar again someday. I think I do it to self soothe and relax. I have no intention of performing. Love you guys!
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    I bought a Gibson f-hole electric from a pawn shop for $20 when I was ~17 years old. Never did anything but strum, & if it wasn't in the key of C or G, forget it. I moved around a lot & didn't really have a home to store things so, somewhere along the line, that sweet ole Gibson got left in a train station. I had it about 5 years & it always wore the same grubby strings that were on it when I bought it. I didn't play guitar since then until just a month or so ago. My fingers will not do what I want them to, as yet (I'm 87) but I keep trying & buying.

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    1977. I was nine. Picked up bass a year later, which turned out to be my main instrument for the next 20 years.
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    44. I thought I had no musical ability for decades, but picked up a cheap acoustic guitar a few years ago on a whim. Discovered JustinGuitar and learned the basics quickly. Still learning stuff.
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    My first 'playing' on guitar when when I was about 6 yrs old. I was also doing group violin thing in school similar to the Suzuki method. On occasion I'd be allowed to hold and noodle on my father's acoustic guitar after he had played 'Puff The Magic Dragon' while my mother sang...

    Very quickly, and with no instruction I was able to pluck out the melodies by ear, that I had been playing on violin.

    When I was 8, they had a 'guitar class' in school for a handful of students that showed promise on the soprano recorder. It was with classical guitars.

    When I was 9-10 yrs old I began weekly guitar lessons on a $20 used electric guitar that we bought from the shop where I took the lessons.

    For my Bar-Mitzvah present from my parents, after my mother heard me playing on a used Gibson Les Paul, (learned by ear) 'Message In A Bottle' by The Police, note-for-note to the record, she put a deposit on that guitar right then and there.

    I continued my lessons on that guitar for another year before the teacher told me that there was nothing left he could teach me...all I did was practice and learn songs by ear off the radio while my friends were outside playing ball, riding bikes, and I was jamming along to the music played on the Scott Muni, Dennis Elsis, and Harris Allen radio shows on 102.7 WNEW FM out of well as whatever I could get from the far-away Long Island punk/new-wave station 92.7 WLIR, and because I was so far away (in NJ), when I called in to request a song, they usually played it for me within the hour....pretty cool stuff

    I still have the guitar that used to be my father's (which is desperately in need of major restoration) that original $20 electric, as well as the Les Paul.

    In college, as a music minor, I studied classical guitar for 2 yrs with a 1-on-1 seminar and lost patience with the slow pace of the instructor and went off learning further on my own....

    lots of other instruments along the way (and many details not here, but in other threads), but found ukulele in December of 2012, bought my first in April 2013, and never looked back.

    Ukulele has become my primary instrument now.
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    When I was five my mum bought me a toy 4 string guitar, and I used to ‘play’ it and sing to my extended family at Christmas gatherings and they would afterwards all throw me pennies as a reward.


    I then bought my first 12 string at age 14 from my mum’s mail order catalogue, which I played on and off until recently when I retired and threw myself into playing more, also buying the kit shown in my signature. If I’d played more consistently during all those years and not let life, job, marriage and kids get in the way, I MIGHT have been able to play guitar reasonably well by now instead of just being capable of tickling a basic tune out of one. One of my real regrets...
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    I messed around with my brother's Hofner arch top and learned a few chords, but bought my first guitar, a used Goya M-26, in 1960 when I was 16 and working for a market gardener. I had to pay it off ($75) in weekly payments over a month.
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