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Thread: How Old Were You When You Started Playing Guitar?

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    I was 12, but it was on-and-off for years. Mostly off, now (May 2018) back on, sort of.
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    I was 13, I wanted to be Elvis Presley.

    In order of age:

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    First guitar at 20 years old. My dad started collecting guitars and I would fiddle with them while visiting. He got me one for my birthday that year. I tried to impress girls around campus. It worked a few times

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    Several years ago in my mid forties
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    In 1965 when I was 15, I took about 6 lessons from Jim Helms at a music store in Hollywood, CA. I got reasonably good at playing rhythm, but never learned music. Over the years I bought an Ovation 6 string and 12 string acoustic, Ibanez archtop jazz electric and acoustic 6 string and Fender Telecaster. Then 4 years and 3 months ago I bought a ukulele, participated in The Music Center Ukulele Play-Along a couple weeks later and I was hooked. I joined The CC Strummers and the Westside Ukulele Ensemble and never touched my guitars again. A year later I dropped out of the ensemble and took up the bass uke with The CC Strummers. Having the greatest time of my life twice a week and various gigs now that I'm retired.
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    Started playing, or trying to play guitar and ukulele from about 12 yrs old, 1976? , owned multiple guitars into my twenties. But I could never keep them in tune.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie View Post
    Never. Owned 2, could never play them.
    Oops, so you couldn't play them and couldn't be marvellous (this comment is made after seeing your profile avatar)

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    I was 8, am 56 now. I stopped playing guitar in 2004 after developing a bone spur in the back of my fingering wrist. I realized a month or so ago that I can play the ukulele will little to no discomfort. Ukulele is a very cool instrument!
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    I was 12 - my cousin’s husband played well - I watched him and was fascinated. He taught me my first song and gave me my first guitar which I stupidly swapped not long after for a copy of the ‘Beatles for Sale’ LP. I bought an EKO 12 string at age 14 which I still have today!
    I’m 61 now and until recently have played on and off letting family & career take first place; now retired I’m trying to play as much as I can.
    I often feel I could’ve been quite good by now if I’d applied myself over all those years, but I get by enough to have fun and enjoy playing which is what I feel SHOULD be the most important factor.
    Luv n stuff, Dave

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    I was eight, my uncle gave me a cheap 3/4 classical guitar and I had lessons on that up until I was 12. My teacher at that point refused to keep teaching me if I kept playing left handed because I "wouldn't fit right in an orchestra" and that turned me off for a few years after I tried playing right handed and didn't enjoy it. Got an electric (Epiphone SG) for my 16th birthday and played a couple hours a day on that for the next few years. Was in a few bands, made a few quid, sold a few CDs, had a blast! Still have that SG 15 years on, will never part with it. It's fallen out the back of a moving car, I've had to scrape my blood off it once or twice, it's got real history!

    Played mostly acoustic in my 20s and picked up the uke when I was 24ish. I enjoy playing the uke and find relaxation in it in a way I haven't with guitars for a few years. Playing the uke has made my guitar playing a lot better as well. If I had to pick one it'd be uke hands down but I'm very glad I don't have to pick one.

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