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Thread: Acoustic Guitarist interested in the Ukulele but feeling uncertain

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    Another converted guitarist here. I found the uke from finding out about Jake Shimabukuro (the famous "While my guitar gently weeps" video) and Joe Brown doing "I"ll see you in my dreams" at the Concert for George (Harrison).

    I like the portability and the simplicity of the uke. I love playing jazz chords and opening myself up to playing a whole genre of music I couldn't before. Do you know how to play a F#dim7 on a guitar? I don't. No clue. I can play it on the uke. Life is good.

    P.S. Join a local ukulele jam group. You'll find them so much more friendly than most guitarists.

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    I play both and enjoy both.

    I find some chords are easier on one instrument or the other, so will sometimes put down one and pick up the other when I'm sitting down to play music.

    Learning chords when you've never played anything is hard. Learning a few extra chords for uke is easy once you have started learning.

    I reckon get one and have fun.

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    Make sure you buy a decent uke to begin with. Problem w uke, is that a cheaper one will discourage you from playing due to cheaper tone and intonation.
    All for sale; pm me:

    Brand new Loprinzi Honduran mahogany soprano w new hardshell case. $350 -> 325

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