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Thread: Uke amplifier

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    For a cheap amp, I say don't mess around with a "toy." Here are a few $100 amps that will give you more than your money's worth:

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    there are cheap amps, & there are inexpensive ams. i have never had a cheap amp that sounded good with acoustic instruments. however i can heartily recommend an inexpensive ($127) amp; to wit: the Markley 15M acoustic guitar amp. see it it is superb for home use or when performing in a small cocktail lounge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
    But it "has" a pick most of us that is reason enough to buy an amp and plug it in. BECAUSE YOU CAN
    That's the truth. My first amp was what some would term an electric guitar amp, or an amp other than an acoustic amp, whatever you want to call it. It is a Vox Mini something and it is a pretty good amp. But then people convinced me that I needed an acoustic amp. So I bought a Kustom PA50. My friend has a Fishman, twice the price and I can't tell the difference. Plus the Kustom fits in a suitcase that I haul my stuff around in. I like them both, but the Vox is more fun to play with, and I can't tell the difference when I'm playing it clean. The Kustom is louder, which helps when playing outside. But the Kustom is sort of boring in a way, so I bought some pedals and basically turned the Kustom into what the Vox is. So my point I'm making is that an acoustic amp, which is nothing but a PA amp by the way, is not for everyone. So when someone says you gotta get an acoustic amp, no you don't. Some people want to be able to get more from their amp than just the sound of an amped up ukulele.
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    True - not much worth in just having plain old amplification, when you can have built in effects to play with.
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