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Thread: Need a small bottom

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    Hi Bellgamin! I am absolutely no expert ... I barely play the guitar; but I HAVE got a Baby Taylor, which I think has a smaller bout than the GS Mini.
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    Thanks everyone for the mucho helpful suggestions. This forum is THE greatest.

    I went for a travel guitar, as several of you recommended. I narrowed my search down to a Yamaha silent guitar SLG 200S versus a Godin Multiac. If you want to see/hear them, goto HERE.

    I decided on the Yamaha because (a) it's a lot skinnier, and (b) i liked its sound. It's on its way from California. They have them locally but the one from California is $60 cheaper.

    At Christmas I gave my Pono tenor to my grandson-in-law - because I love him, and because I needed to free up a hanger in my music room... for the Yamaha. So now I am down to only 12 ukes. Also 3 guitars, 2 dreadnaughts and the Yamaha, but I get a bad headache if I play the dreadnaughts so I need to figure out what to do with them.

    Again, I really and truly appreciate all your help. Hauoli Makahiki ho!

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    Have a look at the Paul Brett range of Vintage Viator acoustics. Very small but not small in sound
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    bellgamin, good to hear that you found something that will work for you.

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