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Thanks for inspiration for new year. Building by myself a pedalboard is definitely my amazing next project.
Can you provide an image that show how your cables connect together and how to be well-organized with all of these?
Also, what do you means of 'inexpensive'? what's is the best affordable budget range?

I have found cool post that conduct an interview with some high-reputation builders on the market. It's good to hear some direct insights from each builders.

There are some key takeaways I would like to take here and discuss:
1. Anyone try Aluminum? That's weird made by Chris from CDW
2. Anything new alternatives to hold the pedals away from using Velcro?
3. Is light-weight actually a good trade-off? Because when playing on live stage, a heavily steady wood will keep your pedal not vibrating and 'moving around'

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I have used zip-ties (aka tie-wraps) in the past if not using velcro.

The disadvantage to zip-ties is that you cannot remove or re-arrange pedals easily with zip-ties unless you cut them and then put new ones, which is wasteful to me, but may be a more rugged method of holding them on if you are constantly gigging with your pedalboard.

In a belt-and-suspenders approach, my pedals are currently fixed with BOTH velcro and zip-ties, even though I have not gigged with my pedalboard, mainly because I like to punish myself LOL (and also use zip-ties whenever/where-ever possible to fasten things down or hold things together)

Similarly, I've seen commercial pedalboards that have a sort of clamp system, like an L-bracket for each corner or for each side, and they are adjustable and need to be screwed down tight to hold. I avoided this myself because of both this being too fiddly a system for me, as well as adding to the weight and # of parts involved. They were also about 25% more expensive than boards without this system.

Zip-ties are cheap, Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart has them in a round container of ~1000 zip-ties for ~$8-10 USD.
Phewww. After going around the town, I still stay with buying Velcro for this first time building because it seems to be the most simplest and cheap solution.