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Thread: Season 308 of the Ukulele

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    Inspired by Linda L's salute to all things bubbly, I, too, have set out to prove that, even though you might be completely lacking in talent, it is still possible to write a song. This subject is dear to my heart as it is my favourite beverage. I first started drinking Guinness when I was feeding my babies - it's supposed to be good for milk production! Since I was the original Earth Mother, and fed them both for ages, by the time I'd finished, the Guinness habit was well-established.
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    Here's one I threw together quickly just now, might not have time for anything else this week.

    (I am having to practice a particular tune for a project on one of my harmonica forums this week.)

    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    I got this theme for sure.

    Even though I have never had a cup of coffee, and gave up smoking a couple of decades ago, this number has been my favorite song by my favorite male singer (Otis Redding) basically since I first heard it. I hope that I did it justice - if I could get within a million miles of the sublime Otis, I will count that as a success. I hope you enjoy it. It's early in the morning, you know . . . .

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    Default Mid-week update!

    Lets have a mid week update!

    First of all, I have decided to go lazy and keep the comments on youtube for now, sorry.

    We had 23 covers, 10 originals and 3 Milkshakes this far.
    I hope some seasonistas are taking their time perfecting the song they are bringing, so we will see some more songs. There are still many spirits, cocktails and softdrinks that we haven't heard songs about. And since we often have more than 40 individual seasonistas participating, there should be more with songs to sing!

    I also hope for a milkshake or two more. We have had no electric rock'n roll version yet, and it is also allowed to tweek the lyrics to another drink, as long as the reference to the original song is clear - "My draft-beer brings all the lads to the bar" can be sung in a convincing way, so I't would count as milkshake.

    If you have not allready, make sure to listen to the playlists! There are some great entrys.

    1. Season 308 - Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf - Ryan Bridgett-Blake
    2. Tear my stillhouse down (SOTU 308) - weegingayin Scottish Ukulele player
    3. Seasons of the Ukulele 308: Third Eye Blind - God of Wine - Wim van Ommen
    4. Season 308 Alligator milk - Recovering Bassist
    5. When I Take My Sugar To Tea - Randy McSorley
    6. MacArthur Park - Turtledrum
    7. SotU 308 - New Wine in Old Bottles - UkeintheHeartofTexas
    8. A Glass of Champagne - pabrizzer
    9. Three Little Birds, cover, 308th season of the ukulele, drink - Jazzbanjorex
    10. WILL YOU - hazel o'connor - baritone ukulele - BirdsEyeViewOfMyUke
    11. 'Champagne Supanova' ~Oasis Sotu 308 - Mark c
    12. Everything Stops For Tea (Sotu 308) - Guzzler
    13. "CUP O' TEA" ( ukulele cover) - Limousin Lil
    14. Bottle of Wine - SOTU 308 - Joko MacKenna
    15. Cool Water - (Sons Of The Pioneers Cover) - Linda Louden
    16. 009 - I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs - 365ukesongs
    17. season 308 - A Taste of Honey - e san
    18. UkeFoote "The Days of Wine and Roses" by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer - Brian Fergus
    19. Tea With Cinnamon by Katzenjammer - SOTU 308 uke cover - dickadcock
    20. Bottle of Wine - Tenor Ukulele - TootlinGeoff
    21. Too Drunk to Pluck - greyghost1964
    22. SOTU 308: CHUG-A-LUG by Roger Miller - a Baritone Ukulele Cover - Dennis Danner
    23. Cigarettes and Coffee - Big King Velour

    1. Milk - pabrizzer
    2. I LIKE A CUP OF COFFEE - homemade song - baritone uke - BirdsEyeViewOfMyUke
    3. Fallen Trees for S308 - SparkyCola3
    4. Digital Nomad Blues - weegingayin Scottish Ukulele player
    5. Season 308 It's a fluid situation - Recovering Bassist
    6. Rice Milk and Oatmeal Cookies, Rex Powell, 308th season of the ukulele - Jazzbanjorex
    7. Fizzity Pop - Linda Louden
    8. Water - Randy McSorley
    9. "ABOUT THE STOUT" ( ukulele cover) - Limousin Lil
    10. Beverages - Keith M

    1. Baritone Milkshake - SOTU 308 - Joko MacKenna
    2. Milkshake, London Vintage Swing Band, version, cover, 308th season of the ukulele - Jazzbanjorex
    3. 308th Season - Milkshake - OnlyUkeThatMatters
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    Here's my original. I originally wrote it about 3 years ago but when I dusted it off, I realised it needed some editing so it has been fairly extensively edited this week. it's a standard 12 bar blues in G played on my Brüko Tenor tuned dGBE. The video is based on my own photos but I've applied various effects from my photo editor and floated clip art across the top of them.
    Geoff Walker

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    at least, not yet.

    I also play some blowy things and a squeezy thing

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    Drink to me only with thine eyes.

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    Here is my attempt at an original for this season.

    "Ah, Music. A Magic beyond all we do here!" - Albus Dumbledore.

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    Default original

    Trying out my new phone to record video. It's a lot better than the old phone, but with this baritone, the audio was very bassy, the uke just about drowned out my voice. I think it will work okay for conventional ukes. But for this one, I used audio recorded with a Blue Snowball mic and Audacity.

    Whiskey in My Coffee

    Pour me a coffee, make it good and strong
    Yes, pour me a coffee, I need it black and strong
    Better make it real hot, 'cause I need it to last all night long

    Well, it's half past ten, and I got them midnight blues
    Yeah, it's half past ten, but I got them black night blues
    So don't mix my coffee with no nasty cheap old booze

    So put some whiskey in my coffee
    Just about half and half
    Dark roast or light
    As long as it's not decaf
    A little whiskey in my coffee
    'll make it go down smooth
    It's just the thing to chase
    Away those midnight blues

    Oh, it's a cold dark night and I need my coffee hot
    I like it fresh ground but if instant is all that you got
    I'll take it that way, and you can just leave the pot

    No sugar, no cream, just keep it hot and black
    Add some Tennessee whiskey or some good stuff from that purple sack
    Whiskey in my coffee, it keeps me right on track

    Whiskey in my coffee
    Whiskey in my coffee
    A little whiskey in my coffee
    'll make it go down smooth
    It's just the thing to chase
    Away those midnight blues

    So put some whiskey in my coffee, 'cause
    If you snooze, you lose
    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

    YouTube UkeintheHeartofTexas

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    Early Dire Straits, without any of the wonderful and interesting Knopfler fills.

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    I’m just going to leave this heat and then I’m going to hide under a rock or something.

    "Ah, Music. A Magic beyond all we do here!" - Albus Dumbledore.

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