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Thread: Custom solid-body nylon string MIDI ukulele (Graphtech piezo + Ghost 13-pin)

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    Default Custom solid-body nylon string MIDI ukulele (Graphtech piezo + Ghost 13-pin)

    I'm selling the last of my Custom MIDI ukes (I've made several - Risa, Godin, etc. and this one). It started live as a Vorson ELPU-130 (great uke, about $275 new).

    This was a test bed for my ukulele modification experiments. It is a Les Paul style nylon string uke, that has been modified with Graphtech Ghost saddles and polyphonic MIDI preamp, as well as an Acoustic Phonic piezo preamp. You can use the 13-pin system, which also carries the piezo signal, and/or you can use the 1/4" jack separately for just piezo signal.

    Sounds great, looks cool, and is a ton of fun to play and experiment with sounds. You will need a 13-pin effects processor like Boss GP-10, Roland VG99 or GR55, etc. to use the 13-pin stuff. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

    The uke headstock was reshaped (sanded) for a more low profile look, and there are a few marks here and there, but overall a solid instrument.

    I don't have time to play it much, so would rather pass it on to someone here who can enjoy it. Several of you have reached out to me over the years expressing interest in my MIDI ukes. They were selling for $600-1000, but this one is far more affordable:

    Asking $385. Price includes gig bag, shipping costs, and paypal fees.

    That is basically the cost of the Graphtech parts....

    You may never get another chance to grab a MIDI uke, and certainly not for this low of a price!

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    Dang, had I not just purchased a Compass Rose recently I would be all over this!
    Would you be willing to install MIDI stuff on one of my existing ukuleles?

    Some background:
    When I was a kid (4th grade) I started playing guitar and taking lessons. This was the late 70's and I had plenty of current music I like to play along with.
    In the 80's I got into synth music and was bummed out I could not really join in on guitar.
    When MIDI guitar appeared in the late 80's / early 90's I really wanted to get one, but I could not afford it.
    I kind of stopped playing for a while until I met my wife in 1993.
    She is Hawaiian and all her sisters dance hula and so I started getting into playing Hawaiian music, and then started playing ukulele.
    Now I pretty much only play ukulele, but I play any and all styles of music.
    I would LOVE a MIDI ukulele! Finally be able to come full circle!
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    How wide is the nut and what kind of strings on it?

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    Dayne - this looks sweet!

    Now, after Christmas I'm broke again, otherwise you'd have my paypal money already.

    Fortune has not smiled on me for timing of the sales of your MIDI ukes...

    but HOPEFULLY you will find a buyer, since at this price one is basically getting the uke and installation of the GraphTech system for free*.

    Good luck with the sale!

    * GraphTech MIDI system for classical guitar typically retails betw $300-400, and this looks like one of the higher end Vorson ukes with the chambered body that used to be for sale on that sold for ~$279 IIRC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perep View Post
    How wide is the nut and what kind of strings on it?
    Nut is 1 3/8”.

    Not sure what kind of strings - stock strings that came with it, low G.

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