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Thread: Low G: Nylon vos Wound Any Impressions

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    I use the smooth wound low G from Oasis and the wound low G and wound C from Thomastik-Infeld. The Oasis string is on the boomy side. The Thomastik is more balanced sounding. I agree with Bratz that the "wound third string, even a flatwound Thomastik... The zinging noise caused by my right hand fingers playing on upstrokes " is annoying.

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    Ive abandoned non-wound low g for a couple reasons.
    Primarily I prefer the tension of the wound. It lets me lower the action and still avoid buzzing
    Also, wounds are thinner, so you don't have to re-groove the nut.
    Also, they project more. Some people say boomy, but that is usually because a wound 4th sticks out, not because its boomy but because it doesn't blend as well.
    But if you use a wound 3rd and 4th, the blend is better, and you get a louder fuller sound all all around.

    I use TI wound basses. They are quite mellow for a wound string, and they blend very well with a 4th/3rd, and flourocarbon trebles

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