I originally posted this in the Seasons of the Ukulele forum, its been brought to my attention that this is a better place for it.)

I've been wanting to finish a release of original songs for years. The Ukulele (and, specifically, the Seasons of the Ukulele weekly contest) is one of a few things that encouraged me to work at recording and stop fiddling with the tracks! I had 6 songs and decided to call it an EP.

Capitalist download sites where you can download the damn thing:

Yeah, "Epiphanies" is the title. I hope people enjoy it! The title is from an open mic a friend of mine holds every year on the day of Epiphany.

Track 3 is a song I finished up for the Seasons, and so is track 4 (although I forget which one). Track 5 has electric uke playing lead. I hope people enjoy!