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Thread: From concert to soprano

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    Searching for something entirely unconnected I just found this article on comparisons of ukulele nut widths. A couple of years old, but perhaps of interest.
    Very useful tool for everyone - thanks for posting BigJackBrass!

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    If you happen to take a tape measure with you when you are looking at sopranos with a wider neck and measure the width across the strings, then compare that to the width across the strings on ukuleles with narrower necks, you are in for a surprise. Just saying, because I did it.
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    If I remember right, I checked all my distances over strings & found them to be about 28mm at the nut.
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    That is another good point, Rllink. I too believe that string spacing is just as important as nut width. I learned this from my guitar playing experience.

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