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Thread: Season 309 - Senses Working Overtime

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    When the senses go into overdrive the ego thinks it can be or do anything. I believe it is this very sensory overdrive in certain men that leads to the kind of machismo the world has suffered under for hundreds of years. When I wrote this song in 1978, I really did think that that kind of man was going to go the way of the dinosaur. it is a great regret to me that this song has suddenly become relevant again as the epitome of this attitude now occupies the White House in Washington.

    I didn't think I'd get a song in this week. I have been fighting the flu that is now in its third week as I fought hard against fever and exhaustion to get my student's essays marked. It has been an uphill battle.

    I have a fever and hardly any voice left in this song, but I hope you will still find it interesting enough to give it a listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenie44 View Post
    Hi all. Sorry this got in so late, because it's one of my favorite collabs (and recordings) ever.

    I reached out to Peewee (Peter Orth) to do a grunge number at first, but he suggested this one from one of our favorite bands, Television. One thing led to another, as things sometimes do, and we ended up with this one. I really like the way the multiple tracks came together, and I think it has just enough crazy to make it wonderful.

    Hope you like it.
    Thanks for egging me on, Rick, the lateness is all me, I couldn't get the playing, then the recording gear had to be dug up..turned out cool. thanks!

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    It looks like no one did this one? I've been completely out of it for a few days because of a bad cold, and I'm already quite familiar with this one, so it's kind of an easy one for me and it fits the theme. Apologies to BEV for not wearing a checkered shirt; it's 70F outside right now and too warm for flannel!

    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    Here's an original lullaby that covers all five senses. And it's easy to make up new verses, too.

    -Ralf Youtz

    My videos are here.

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    I really did want to get something in this week. Did a lot more playing than usual,so thanks for that. I was going to do these 3 songs. You might want to check them out though. Here are links...
    I hope you and joy these and maybe learn of a new artist you might like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanDP View Post
    Apologies to BEV for not wearing a checkered shirt; it's 70F outside right now and too warm for flannel!
    lol!!!!!! i'll let you off!!!! luckily you had a nice t-shirt!!!!

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    By my reckoning it is now Monday morning in Hawaii, so Season 309 is now closed. Many thanks to all who took part. I hope to post a video wrap before the end of the week.

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