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Thread: Biscuit tin resonators...

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    I guess I’ve gotten us pretty far from this thread’s subject—my bad.

    And, now, back to “Biscuit Tin Resonators”.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Down Up Dick View Post
    Yeah, CeeJay, we have Dumplings too. Biscuits are different—better. What’s Suet?
    If you don't know what suet is then you aren't making British Dumplings lol I don't think that we have an equivalent to your biscuits. Now jibe Oh and return to a steady Thread Heading .....

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    As to resonator ukes. I'm not convinced that they do the slidey bottle neck sound thing brilliantly (Though there will be some who can pull this off extremely well) because of having nylon strings. I think that they do offer more projection for those that like to finger pick melody much like their bigger and older cousins.

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