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    Hi all,
    Always loved my psychobilly and play it a lot on bass but it is mainly walking basslines. I'm wanting to learn more of the lead/rhythm stuff on uke for a bit of fun. If anyone hasn't heard of it, its like rockabilly but a hell of a lot more pumped up and faster. Finding likeminded people who enjoy it is difficult in the UK locally so I thought I'd reach out to you guys and girls for help.

    Can anyone suggest chords/tabs/ scales etc to help me start off learning or set me in the right direction?

    Many thanks,

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    I’ve been researching Rockabilly for awhile. I recommend the Easy Ed’s Variety Hour podcast, the Rockabilly & Blues podcast, the Rockabilly DJ podcast, and Rusty and Ginger’s Rockabilly Rumble podcast (they’ve stopped creating new episodes, but the existing episodes are great).

    Stuart Fuch has a couple of boogie/rockabily videos for ‘ukulele on YouTube;

    TenThumbs also has a few videos. Here’s one;

    Ukulele Mike created several videos about Travis picking, which I believe will be useful.

    Realistically, most of the videos I found have been for guitar. If you have a baritone ‘ukulele you can try to follow along with the guitar tutorials for rockabilly.

    You’ll want to install a pickup, and get a delay pedal. That’s important to the sound.

    I don’t know how much you want to spend on an ‘ukulele, but if I ever hit a jackpot I’ll be calling Jonathan Mann for one of these;

    In the meantime, I’m experimenting with my Epiphone Roadie.

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