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Thread: Options on the Outdoor soprano

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    Default Options on the Outdoor soprano

    Iím about to order an Outdoor soprano but Iím hesitating over some of the options. I emailed them a couple of days ago about some of these , but I havenít yet heard back and Iím itchiní to get the order placed.

    1. Strap buttons. I almost always use a strap so Iím glad that buttons are an option. But it looks like they install the second button on the g-string side of the upper bout. On all my other ukes (and guitars) Iíve got the button on the a-string side of the neck heel. Is there any reason this canít be done on an Outdoor?

    2. Tuners. The standard tuners are geared Grovers, so Iíd expect them to be decent. But Iím wondering if the upgrade tuners (whose make isnít specified) are worth it.

    3. Finally, color. I canít decide! The white, brown, and green all appeal to me in different ways. Right now Iím leaning white (ďmoonshineĒ), but it would be interesting to hear why others chose the color they did, and if anyone regretted going with the white.


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    They do attach the strap button on that shoulder. I thought it would bother me...and I don’t even think about it.

    The tuners are fine—the big question is whether you want silver or gold. No need to go beyond the stock options.

    My original Outdoor was my tenor. I chose the old moonshine (less translucent) because I wanted to put lights in it (glow sticks when camping, Christmas lights, etc.).

    If this black unit (tenor) sells well—I would expect to see a soprano version. I was also told to expect another color option (they ran purple on a limited basis in the recent past). I would not expect to see camouflage, gold, or silver again as apparently there were issues with the finishes (I never heard anything at the time—I thought I would have caught something like that).
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    Thanks for the tips! Glad to know you have no issues with the strap button location. I'd still prefer the neck heel so that I can move the same strap from one soprano to another without adjusting it, but that's not a big deal.

    I hadn't yet seen the new black tenor--interesting! Visually it doesn't appeal to me as much as the standard offerings. But I'm intrigued by the "15% brighter" statement, and wonder if it might also be louder.

    Hard to tell from web clips, but are Outdoors typically not "bright" sounding?

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    I'm with Choirguy on the tuners. I bought the upgrade and they are just OK. On the strap button, if I had it to do over I would install it myself. I don't like the position on the G side. It would take some manual dexterity and a socket with an extension to put it in yourself, though.

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    That spot for the upper strap button on the bass side of the upper bout is the same place used on my Blackbird Farallon, and it works just fine at keeping the strap completely out of the way. The only reason it isn't typically used on most acoustic guitars or ukes is that that location on the side isn't strong enough to support the button without gluing a reinforcement block on the inside. You might be able to mount a strap button on the heel of the neck on an Outdoor uke, but you will really need to find some way to through-bolt it to make it really secure. Just driving a screw into most plastic or fiberglass doesn't work very well. The strap buttons on my carbon fiber guitars are all bolted, not screwed.

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    Yes, that black one looks cool. $40.00 more, but supposedly much stronger.
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    I posted on their facebook post about other color options on the brand "new" carbon-fiber-ish one and it said only that carbon fiber black would be available. I'll probably stick to jones'ing for the moonshine white, which I think looks really cool.
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