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    Hi guys,
    I love the interaction on this site, but whilst Iím learning to play my ukes my contributions seem to be mainly here on the guitar forums which donít seem anywhere near as responsive as the ukulele section.
    I think this site is great and will never leave (unless they kick me off lol), but do any of you know of any other good GUITAR forum sites I can also visit?
    Best regards, Dave x
    Luv n stuff, Dave

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    Acoustic guitar forum is very good.

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    Hey Dave! Try these. Although each specializes to some extent, the conversations on each cover cover a lot of ground: electric, acoustic, amps and pedals, recording, and strange personal conversations. Even Ukes! Les Paul oriented Les Pauls, gear, and everything else. Telecasters and gear Centered on electric guitar and gear, but they get into everything.

    Most guitar manufacturers have their own forum as well.


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