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Thread: First Ukulele Advice

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    Default First Ukulele Advice

    Hi everyone,

    I'm quite new to the board. I was given a cheap ukulele as a Christmas gift and fell in love with ukulele. I've been playing guitar for more than 10 years and felt the need to upgrade from my cheapie. I would like to ask some advice?

    My budget is around $200-ish. I've looked around and decided that I want to get a Concert length. Currently, I'm interested in either Kala Concert Travel, Islander AC-4, or Fluke/Flea from either HMS or UkeRepublic and wanted to hear your opinion on this. Thank you!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    Concert is a nice size.
    Any of your choices would probably suit just fine.
    I'm a huge Fluke fan, here is some light reading;
    Edited to add; $200 won't buy a new Magic Fluke, but you may find a decent deal occasionally on the Market Place Thread.

    I admire the Islander and its on my short list, for sure. Its got a very wide nut, 1 1/2", so great for large hands.
    Same for Most Kala's, of which we own 5 of various sizes and flavors.
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    they are all competent products. go with whatever you like the most and whichever one you think will make you play more often.
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    In my experience, the one true upgrade is to an all solid wood instrument, so personally, I'd try to save up some more in order to get in the range of Pono or KoAloha Opio. I know these are a lot more expensive than what you want to spend right now, but it will save you money in the long run, as you won't have the need to upgrade any further.

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    Welcome aboard.

    I always recommend a concert scale to beginners, but I see you play guitar, so you will know what is going to suit you best.
    For your budget, I would be recommending Kala or Ohana, I have personal experience of these makes, (& also Baton Rouge).
    As you already play a stringed instrument, what Rakelele says has some merit to it too.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums! I just wanted to add that you can get into all solid wood territory with the Mainland ukulele in the $200-ish price mark. Though I've never played them, I read they are quite nice and respected here on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsfloyd View Post
    Hello and welcome to the forums! I just wanted to add that you can get into all solid wood territory with the Mainland ukulele in the $200-ish price mark. Though I've never played them, I read they are quite nice and respected here on the forums.
    This is excellent advice. An all solid mahogany concert is $229 and an all solid cedar top rosewood back and sides is $279. Coming from guitar you will understand the value in an all solid instrument
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    Your post indicates that you have done some research, as you mentioned some well-regarded instruments.

    Question: How many guitars do you have?

    If you have several guitars, you won't be content with just one (nice) 'ukulele. Pick any of these as your "next" 'ukulele, and purchase any/all of the others later.

    If you have only one guitar and are content with it--then you may be content with one 'ukulele at a time. You can purchase one, play it for a while, sell it, purchase another, play it for a while... repeat.

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    Here are two reasonably priced solid ukes at Elderly. I own the tenor Kala solid mahogany and highly recommend it.

    Kala solid mahogany concert, $239.99

    Ohana solid mahogany concert, $245.00
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    The Fluke (or a Flea) is great for a first decent use because if (when) you move on to something more expensive you have a durable travel/camping use that always plays in tune and is relatively humidity proof.

    I’ve found that one of the best ways to hit a $200 price point on Magic Fluke instruments is to call and see what they have for seconds.

    The third uke I bought was a flea second (the first two were a kala and an islander). The flea still plays perfectly, the kala is long gone (neck profile way off) and the islander has minor buzz due to neck profile changes. I really like the islander - it has a wide neck that is super comfortable and a great sound, but the flea sounds great as well and has a perfect set up and intonation.
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