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Thread: Season 317 - Outside

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    Hi, Brian! Recorded outside late this afternoon, so that I could get one in before the rain arrives and I have to retire to the woodshed. Had to do two takes, because, the first time, the wind got up and one of the song sheets blew away. I played my tenor Outdoor Uke and recorded with the aid of a Kindle and a dustbin half-full of water, which was used to prop up the music. For no reason whatsoever, there is a "bonus" note at the end! (Have decided that all songs recorded this week should be in French as I am in a French garden.)
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    Well, a norther blew in last night and it is predicted to be extremely windy for a few days at least. I don't know if I'll be able to do any more. Even with adhesive bandages over the microphones, all I get is wind noise.
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    Appropriate for the weather. And we're going to have more of it this week.

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    I'm still reading Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements. So here's track three from Let It Be, with a little birdsong on this sunny, spring day in Portland. (Thank you for inviting the great weather, pabrizzer!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by YorkSteve View Post
    I was thinking exactly the same about this one. Maybe we should all move to the same street and do this all the time?
    Great idea! lol It would seem totally normal then!

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    Already real pleased with the particiation this week. You folks are real good sports! And talented too!
    Please let me know if you don't appear in the playlist. It's what I forget to do most often.
    Will try and organise some little Aussie trinket as a prize this week.
    I figure if you're going to the extra trouble to take it outside there should be a reward. Not much of a reward mind....

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    Great Theme Brian! "Natural"ly, we now are under a Winter Weather Advisory, and cold snowy weather appears on its way! We'll do our best, to at least step out onto the patio for a video or two. At least this time, if the gold fish pond freezes over, we won't have to compete with the gurgling fountain noise! Brrrrrrrr!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ubulele View Post
    Well, the sound would drive away the skunks and maybe burglars, too, so, worth a shot.

    Strange timing for this theme (except perhaps in Australia). Strange "theme", come to that. I can hardly wait for the inevitable topper: will it be the season of the trampoline? Uking in loos, while fire-walking, while waiting in line, while hanging upside-down, while blind-folded? Flash-mobbing? I always dislike it when themes focus on the how or who instead of the what.
    maybe you should volunteer to host a season one day then!
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    This is going to be fun! I have some ideas. ( strange though they be). No birdies yet but we have plenty of cats and squirrels out there.

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    This is awesome! Sing whatever you want AND do it outside. There aren't any parks near my house in urban Yangon, and on the whole this city is rife with street noise, When I first found this alley nearby I knew I wanted to record something there. The brick work, the barbed wire, the corrugated metal, the plumbing on the outside of mold-ridden tropical building walls; it's an interesting space. And no cars!

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