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Thread: wanted: Koaloha Opio Long Neck Soprano

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    Default wanted: Koaloha Opio Long Neck Soprano

    Looking for a Koaloha Opio long neck soprano or long neck concert at a good deal.
    (Originally a Northern Yankee
    But now a good old southern boy)

    Martin IZ Commenorative Tenor
    Koaloha Special issue Purple heart Tenor
    Koaloha Long Neck Soprano Koa
    Collings UC1 Koa
    Kamaka 100 year anniversary model hf-1
    Southern Cross Banjo Concert
    Pono 6 string mahogany
    Cocobolo concert

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    I had one of these and quite enjoyed it.

    It does have a heavier head stock / neck ... but it is punchy and have great sustain. Good Luck.
    How bad is your UAS?

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    If you watch Vic's review of his newest Koaloha soprano at the end I recall him mentioning selling a longneck. I can't recall which one, but it might be worth getting in touch with him.

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