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    I bought this uke and case a week ago and it just showed up to my house yesterday! It is brand new with the tags! The reason for reselling is because while waiting for this one to get here I came across a deal on Southern Cross banjolele that I just had to have. Admittedly I did have a few strums on this one (who could resist) and I have to say that I personally quite like it. It sounds great and is very comfortable to play. If I didn’t have so much money tied up in banjoleles I would keep it! As you can see it has the blank warranty card still attached. The case alone was $65 not including shipping. You get both the banjolele and the case for a bit less than what it would cost you to purchase just the banjolele anywhere else. For anyone looking for one of these new this will save you a bit of money as this one is about as new as it gets.

    $463.75 Shipped! Payment by Paypal!

    Pictures can be seen here
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