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Thread: KoAloha Koa Tenor D-VI Ukulele for sale

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    Default KoAloha Koa Tenor D-VI Ukulele for sale

    KoAloha Koa Tenor D-VI

    - All solid Hawaiian Koa Body
    - Mahogany Neck
    - Satin Finish
    - TUSQ Nut and Saddle
    - Rosewood Fretboard & Bridge
    - 6 Strings (Guitelele)
    - String spacing similar to classical guitar (2" at nut)
    - tuned ADGCEA
    - 15 frets to body
    - includes hard shell case

    Beautiful instrument visually
    Gorgeous rich and full sound
    Excellant craftsmanship
    Bought in Hawaii at KoAloha factory
    Negligible flaw when drilling hole for high A tuner (slight factory discount because could not be sold for full retail price MSPR $1400)

    Condition: Pristine, Like New

    If you are looking for a D-VI this is a wonderful instrument

    asking: $750
    buyer to pay shipping

    please PM me if you want to discuss/negotiate


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    PM sent
    Please advise

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    Sold. Congrats Zack

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    I am sad. I saw this thread still open and hoped it might still be available.

    Oh won't someone PLEASE help me in my quest for a lovely used Koaloha?!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dionysis View Post
    Oh won't someone PLEASE help me in my quest for a lovely used Koaloha?!?
    Almost as good? :
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