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Thread: Tell us about your best sounding ukulele..

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    It depends on the genre, as each seems to ring better with different woods and such.

    For the "Gulf & Western" and country rock stuff, the Lanikai 6-String.
    For classic folk stuff, the OS 8-string.
    For gentle ballads and hymns, the Martin T1K

    The banjo-ukes add a different spin to everything.

    Ukuleles: Martin T1K (T)*, Oscar Schmidt OU28T (T8)*, Lanikai LU-6 (T6)*, RISA Solid (C)*, Effin UkeStart (C)*, Flea (S)*, Diamind Head DU-150 (S)**
    Banjo-Ukes: Duke 10 (T)*, Lanikai LB6-S (S)**
    Tenor Guitars: Martin TEN515*, Blueridge BR-40T**
    Tenor Banjo: Deering Goodtime 17-Fret*
    Mandolin: Burgess (#7)***

    *tuned CGDA, **tuned DAEB, ***tuned GDAE

    The inventory is always in some flux, but that's part of the fun.

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    A Martin tenor from the 60's that somehow made it to Australia, then was turned into a 6 string - even had steel strings on it at some stage (judging from the fret wear). It's a real Franken-uke that shows the scars of it's many lives: huge back cracks, parts of the sound-board replaced, headstock damaged from extra post holes, finish all over the shop... but man! when I strum that thing... It is mellow yet bright and "ukey" at the same time. And there's an emotional component to playing it too: I reclaimed and re-loved it - with all it's imperfections, and Cliff Edwards ended up on a Martin tenor (there's even a photo of him in the nursing home with it)
    I have many ukes, they all have a place and a story but the sound - and feel of this one makes me smile.
    p.s. don't worry, everything has been repaired
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    I was expecting to see a lot of Mya Moye and Moore Bettah listed here..

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    I love my Martin C1K. It sounds like a true Koa Ukulele should sound. And you could hear it from a mile away.

    It's always a blast.
    Sopranissimo: Ohana O’Nino

    Soprano: Bruko No 2, aNueNue aNN-WJC1, Enya EUR-X1, Kala KA-PSS, Kala KA-15S-S

    Concert: Martin C1K, Kala KA-C

    Tenor: Kala KA-SRMT-TRI

    Baritone: Kala KA-ABP-CTG

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    Pono MTD tenor hands down.

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    One of the best things about ukes is having more than one. There are times, and songs when my Kanile’a K1t sings to me and lifts me up and other times when my Fluke is there for me to bang out Billie Jean. The Fluke is loved because I can throw it in the car and take it with me and it’s easy to take on a plane(recently to Oahu). My vintage Martins sound great and have a smell that takes me back to earlier times. I love them all and love having different tools in my box.

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    My Farrallon!! Love it! I started about 6 years ago with a Flea. Then I got a thinline Kala tenor. Then a solid body Fluke. I finally realized that I really liked the uke as much as my guitars (which are carbon fiber), so I took the plunge and bought the Farrallon. It's beautiful, it's loud, and it has a really mellow, pleasant sound. After that, I bought a tenor outdoor uke for teaching my primary music classes...

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    We have lots of ukuleles.
    But the best sounding one is always which ever one my wife is playing at the moment.
    I haven't figured out why, ..mean........................I'm................. .......................................slow.
    Playing my Magic Fluke and grinning like a fool!

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    Hehe.. professional payers should offer a service where they play your ukulele for you to help internalize that UAS will not solve the ukulele sound problem :-D
    I am curious to start recording.. cause I often hear instruments online and cannot normalize to what I hear when I play..

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