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Thread: Air Duster cans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
    I have used a vacuum and brush, don't know why I never thought of the microfiber cloth. I have a stack of them.
    Here is what I do: 3.5 horsepower shop vac with the hairy attachment and really suck out the dust and then wipe down with 95% alcohol to get out the fine bits. This will sometimes "raise the grain" so I repeat a few times until smooth and dust free. Then I hit it with a dilute solution of shellac and do the pore filling. Works for me.... I'm a little bit leary of "tack clothes" since the cheaper ones use a wax to pick up the dust and wax is not a good idea on wood before you are getting ready to use a finish.

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    The best way to get fine dust out of wood pores that I know is to use a plain white piece of paper (instead of sandpaper) between a palm sander and the wood’s surface. Change out the paper as dust accumulates. It works ten times better than tack cloth or any other method I’ve tried. The con to this technique is that it only works on the parts of wood the vibrating paper comes into contact with, so intricate areas may still be subject to one of the other methods mentioned.

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    How long does air duster last?

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    I use a small natural bristle paint brush to clean my ukuleles. Seems to do the trick.
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