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Thread: Thoughts of a newcomer: Brunswick BU4C

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    Default Thoughts of a newcomer: Brunswick BU4C

    Hey all,

    Well its been a whirlwind, I got a cheap Martin Smith Soprano about 6 weeks ago and i now seem to have 8 Ukuleles in various finishes and sizes! Didnt know UAS was that rapid!

    I guess my highest quality uke would be the Kala KA-S, I have others from brunswick, mahalo, Nukele, Makala and Ashton but for me the Brunswick BU4C still pips them all, The pegs are so smooth, more so than the Kala.

    Anyone else have a brunswick Uke? How does it compare to others you own?

    Baz if your about do you know when your brunswick review is happening? Really want to know your thoughts. Do you have any sneaky preliminary opinions on it?
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    Never had a Brunswick myself, but when I was a beginner the Concert was a popular choice with other students - it was considered good value, was good enough to play and was one of the few brands available locally. I’ve mostly stuck with a different brand who do a much wider selection of decent beginner and intermediate Ukes at a reasonable enough price, but having practical alternatives available is good.

    I suspect that Brunswick is more of a U.K. brand than a USA one, the brand seems aimed towards beginners too so many people on this forum may not know of them.
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    Yes, UAS is fast and persistent. Be prepared! You'll need cases, humidifiers, and a large storage area. : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerryc41 View Post
    Yes, UAS is fast and persistent. Be prepared! You'll need cases, humidifiers, and a large storage area. : )
    He's in the UK we have a humid climate so humidifiers are not necessary. Cases and storage, definitely.
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    I have no personal experience of any other than the Kala KA-S, I think that is a good beginner uke, so if you think the Brunswick is better, you're doing OK - enjoy.
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    Sorry you experienced the Martin Smith thing. That's the only "uke" (I hate calling it that) that I've ever seen Baz tear apart and burn. It even made very nasty smoke.
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