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Thread: HELP: which ukulele should I buy???

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    Ohana gets my vote too, I don't think anyone matches their value at their price point. If you're in the EU check out World of Ukes and the Southern Ukulele Store, Thomann sell boxes from the factory but those guys inspect the ukes and make sure they're good to go before sending them out.

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    I assume you are in Europe, therefore I'd second Pirate Jim's suggestion to look at Southern Ukulele Store in the UK or Andreas David's "Gute Ukulele" in Germany. Both are specialized in ukes and will sort out the crap.

    Personally, I'd recommend stretching your budget just a little bit and go for the KoAloha Opio that someone mentioned, or a Pono. These are not from an anonymous factory with a brand name stamped on it, but made by a dynasty of ukulele builders with great knowledge and prestige. If you want to buy from Thomann, they do carry some Pono models:

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    Your wife has been playing three years! Give her the gift of choosing what will suit her. None of us knows what neck profile she likes, or her wood choice, the sound she's looking for, or anything else; and until she tries a bunch of ukes, she doesn't either, really. Give her the money and take her to a uke store. She might even decide to watch for a used model if she finds an expensive one she likes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uke_1 View Post
    Hey ukuleleunderground-community,

    I would really appreciate your help. I want to buy a ukulele as a gift for my wife. She is a passionate player and has been learning and playing ukulele since 3 years. She still uses her beginner ukulele and I wanna help her get better, by stepping up here ukulele game :-)

    I want to spend around max. 300 Dollars.

    I found these 2 that I liked:

    Which one would you recommend? Or which other ukulele in this price range would you recommend?

    Thanks for your help!
    Hi, my friend, maybe you can check out this ukuleles:

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    I once bougth a Luna uke from Thomann, which I was not exited about. I dont know if it is the brand or the vendors which is to blame.
    If you order from Southern Ukulele Store, there are many good ukuleles within your price range, made in asia from solid wood.

    Going to a store in person is a great idea in theory, but it may be far away. You don't write where you live. Ukulele preferences are very individual, so your wife should preferably pick the Ukulele herself. If surprising her is important to you, better pick something similar to what she has, but made from solid wood or in another way betyder. Not that solid wood is always better. The options you suggest are both tenor scale. Does she play a Tenor today? And what kind of material is it made from? Which brand?
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    So it's been fi'teen day an nerie a peep from the OP. I think we can quit jumpin through hoops and doing backstands and such. If he even still visits this post he's probably gotten his thirst quenched by now. I'm jus sayin.
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    I'm not crazy about that Fender style. A uke is a rather personal thing, so it's very easy to buy the wrong one. I would give your wife a price limit and ask her to choose. I would not want someone to buy a uke for me unless I specified which one.

    I bought directly from Thomann, and pricing and service were very good. I got an 8-string uke.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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