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Thread: Fremont cases and humidifiers--yes or no?

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    Default Fremont cases and humidifiers--yes or no?

    I have a Fremont case like this but in a concert size. I'm currently using it for a Gold Tone banjolele but am thinking about getting another one for an Ohana concert that needs humidification.

    Has anyone used a humidifer in one of these cases? Or would I be better off getting a hard case? I love the Fremont because of the straps and the neck support, but the humidity issue is obviously more important.
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    A well-sealed hard case will hold humidity in. I briefly owned a Fremont rectangular hard case, but even with a humidifier, it didn't maintain humidity as well as my other hard cases. I've purposely avoided cases similar to the Steady you link to, as I figure it won't hold humidity well. I'd love to be wrong, because I'd much rather use Steady cases for some instruments. I'll be reading responses with interest.
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    Any case will work up to a point. It's always a bit of a guessing game. The better the seal, the less often you'll have to replenish the humidifier.
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    Have anybody noticed that the case costs $72.55 but it takes $79.16 to ship? I hope that is a typo. Mim usually does not charge much for shipping.
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    I have some similar cases and some hard cases. The latching hard cases, with sealed edges do a MUCH MUCH (did I say MUCH?) better job of maintaining humidity.
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