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    Default Cleaning the neck

    I think the neck of my well-used Fluke might be causing my hand/fingers to stink after playing. How do you all clean yours?
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    Quote Originally Posted by igorthebarbarian View Post
    I think the neck of my well-used Fluke might be causing my hand/fingers to stink after playing. How do you all clean yours?
    On finished necks I use guitar polish. Right now it happens to be Martin. On oil finished necks I use lemon oil. I'm wondering how your Fluke's neck got so yucky that it could make your hands stink? Isn't the neck gloss finished?

    Edit: Oh duh, you mean the fretboard! Definitely lemon oil.
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    Fret board:
    Lemon oil... A few drops on a paper towel. Rub it into the fretboard and let is soak in (a few mins tops). Rub it off with a clean paper towel.
    Only need to do t about once a year, maybe less.

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    The neck itself, I just use a damp dishrag to clean it every Friday. My granddaughter can't keep here hands off of mine and it is always all sticky when she leaves. I just take a damp dishrag to it. When I change strings I use a damp dishrag to clean the dirt off of the fretboard, dry it off with a towel, and put mineral oil on it.
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