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Thread: Having trouble setting up/understanding the dials on my Blackstar fly 3 amp

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    Default Having trouble setting up/understanding the dials on my Blackstar fly 3 amp


    I have been playing my U-Bass for 3 weeks and cannot get the amp set in any consistent way. Sometimes I get really good sound and sometimes it is different. I thought the batteries were running low last night in a circle but they were not. I randomly turned one of the dials and it was better. Or was it the "compression" button?

    My Kala U-Bass does not have a preamp. I do not know if this has any relevance or not.


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    Hope this helps, wish I could find such a great review of an Orange Crush bass 25!
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    I also have problems with getting good sound out of this amp. It's never going to sound like a regular bass amp, but it is amazing for its' size & portability.

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    If your amp doesn't have a preamp built in, a preamp makes all the difference with a passive pickup. There are many to choose from. I use a Baggs preamp and a K&K mini.

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    Using a passive pickup without a preamp is never going to sound right no matter what you do with effects or EQ.

    This is an electrical problem called IMPEDANCE MISMATCH which I have written about extensively here on UU and offered solutions, all of which involve using an external preamp to correct this problem.

    You can find the links to those threads via the FAQ link in my forum signature below if you want to know all about it, why it happens, and the options to resolve this problem.
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    I use my Fly 3 Bass rig with both passive and active basses, granted it’s not like a full bass amp, but it sure works well when I practice and hang it me while playing for kids in the hospital. I have gain at 3 o’clock, OD is out, EQ depth at 1 o’clock, Comp ratio at 11 o’clock, sub at 7 o’clock, Volume level at 2 o’clock, then adjust the volume on my instrument as needed.

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