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Thread: harana/senerade strumming me stupid :(

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    Default harana/senerade strumming me stupid :(

    hello, everybody
    I'm kinda new here. I was wondering if you could help me out of the kindness of your hearts!
    Can anybody help me with the strumming for harana/senerade? I watch the Iamhawaii's lesson on it but i get kind of lost/confused after the

    i know its...
    "E, E7 ,AM"
    E:up up
    E7: up up chunk
    AM:up down up chunk"

    but after is kind of a blurr

    if someone can help with the
    Bm Am D Dsus D
    part i would be on my way..

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    i dont know how i can put this into words and understandable...but yeahh i'll try my best... goes Am, Bm, Am, D, Dsus, D [2nd part]

    and the strumming pattern is the same...except when you reach the D,and
    Dsus...i kinda do like up, up, up down up down..pattern...

    and then after that you switch to a G, and a C then you go back to the Bm, E, and E7 and do that whole thing till you reach the chours part...i can help you on that part if you want...just contact me again...

    sorrys if you dont understand it..but yeahhh i play it out...

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    Default hi

    hey thanks for the reply

    so does the strumming pattern start fresh from the BM?
    or is the "Am BM AM" one strumming pattern?

    i think imma send you a pm

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    im juss wonderin .. wut r the chords for serenade/harana ? coz i dnt kno it.haha juss help me out please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukuleleboii View Post
    im juss wonderin .. wut r the chords for serenade/harana ? coz i dnt kno it.haha juss help me out please.
    Hey ukuleleboii, Aldrine did a tutorial on how to play this song, it can be found here
    After you get to the site, you can watch the vid, and get the chords and lyrics to the song via the link towards the bottom of the description ^_^
    Hope this helps
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    Default harana

    I tried to view the tutorial on iamhawaii but the video will not play. any help please??

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    oh, i hope this reply isn't too late. but uh, did you try creating an account? since i had that problem before too.

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