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Thread: Texas Uke Fest this weekend in San Antonio

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    Hi Dennis! Is there a way to be a part of SAUCE without being on FB? I would like to go to a jam or meeting. Thanks!

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    My dad lives near San Marcos, and I would have considered going to San Antonio Uke fest
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitsunegarcia View Post
    Hi Dennis! Is there a way to be a part of SAUCE without being on FB? I would like to go to a jam or meeting. Thanks!

    Hey Kitsunegarcia, I'll work with you on that. Are you in the south Austin area? I met another fellow who wants to meet weekday daytimes which is best for me. You could say he and I are both retired. We texted about meeting for the first time on Monday or Tuesday to strategize forming and promoting a day uker group.

    I am also willing/ interested in a weekend daytime group to gather and play but haven't put that together yet. I have a beginner's group on Sunday February 11th at 2 pm in my home. 'Twill be a small gathering of people who want help with the very basics. You could join if that's where you are, or as a mentor or to bring another beginner along.

    I will PM you some information you can use to get in touch.

    Cheers! Dennis
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