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Thread: Cordoba 10CM or UP110 pack review

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    Default Cordoba 10CM or UP110 pack review

    Just finished a full review of the Cordoba 10CM ukulele, it is the uke found in the UP110 pack that you can get at Best Buy
    Enjoy and comment freely on here and on the review itself.
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    Very nice review!

    I think Cordoba is overlooked a lot of the time because they're sold at Best Buy and GC and all those chains...but I think they're great little ukes. They have their QC issues like every other brand at this price point, but over-all I would recommend them.

    Something not mentioned in the review that I think is worth noting, they're sturdy little things. I don't have this model, but a friend of mine does and hers has managed to stand up to the abuse of 4 children ages 4-12.
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    I bought 10CM for my son and he loves it. Very good qulity and sounds great. Stays tuned really well.

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    I had tried the Cordoba 15CM at Guitar Center and loved it. I ended up bringing the soprano Kohala back and got the Cordoba instead. I am curious what it sounds like without these aquilas now but it sounds good with the aquilas.

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