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Thread: We Could Happen By AJ Rafael Strum Pattern

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    Default We Could Happen By AJ Rafael Strum Pattern

    Can anyone help me with the strumming pattern they use?
    Every time i try a different pattern it just doesn't sound right.

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    D D U X
    pause between the D and U strum.

    chorus is strum each chords once and some muted strums and the second chorus is D D U U D U
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    Tabbed out:
    Mach 4 - Kalei Gamiao
    Senor Viktor - Aldrine Guerrero
    Naruto Medley - Aldrine Guerrero
    Going Home - Bleach OST
    Yuki No Hana - Aldrine Guerrero

    Check them out on the forums if you want

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    The strum pattern changes from chorus pre-chorus etc. But the main thing is a synco-pated rhythm. Meaning you play off the beat or upbeats.

    It would be D D* U D U

    *Pause a bit so you end up playing U D U on up beats

    Hard to explain but its all up to you your cover your pattern. Chorus is just D D X X X and yeah. Watch the music vid on youtube it helps too he made a tutorial. Hope this helps
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