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Thread: Mainland Long Neck Concert Pineapple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul December View Post
    Stop the Presses! Mainland has a Concert Pineapple with Concert Neck?!
    That is actually what I wanted most! ...the only thing that could make it better if it were cedar.
    Not sure. I know Mele has a concert neck pineapple. Someone else does as well and I can't remember if it is mainland or someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haolejohn View Post
    Over a year i believe. Unless I am thinking of the regular (yet larger) pineapple with a concert neck. I am only using my memory at the moment and with 17 boys cleaning out desks it can be difficult to remember what it was.
    I'm supposed to receive this uke on Monday. I was looking for a tone that is more toward a concert than tenor. It has taken some months to get this uke and there was no way for me to try before buying. It's always taking a chance to buy online. I really can't made a judgment without trying one though. I'm very happy with my Mainland Tenor. I seem to like the longer necks and also have a Flea with a tenor neck. I can hardly wait until Monday.

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