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Thread: R.I.P Whitney Houston

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    Quote Originally Posted by roxhum View Post
    I don't remember peoples reaction to that song at the time, and I am old enough to remember. I was never a big fan of Whitney's and I always preferred Dollie's version of the song. More heart, less technique.
    In the cafeteria in HS, that song would come on, and the howling would start. Imagine if she didn't have that incredible instrument, and tried to do that. Dolly's version was controlled speaking, and sometimes that's just what you need. How many hours did I set in rep class, listening to the voice teacher on how not to over-sing something.

    Whitney had a wonderful voice, and there's plenty in her rep to choose from that would be a fitting tribute for _her_.

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    I actually yelled "Oh no!" when I read the news, even though it was probably inevitable. Drugs are an evil yoke. Is there anyone who wasn't astonished at her Star Spangled Banner? Here next to Jersey, we are bemused by ordinarily sober Gov. Christie who is ordering flags at half-mast. I can kind of understand it--he's the age where Whitney Houston was a big musical presence, probably was a fan. There is a controversy as there was recently somewhere else where the flag was dropped for a non-military or government official. But I don't have a problem with a flag lowered for a prominent native of a state even though I tend to be a traditionalist myself.
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