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Thread: Aloha Is Hawaiian For The Blues

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    Default Aloha Is Hawaiian For The Blues

    I don't do videos but I do home recordinhgs of some of my original songs. I plan to re-record it with an additional verse.

    Here iit is so far:

    Aloha is Hawaiian For The Blues

    newer version:

    I apologize in advance that the solo is on a badly mic'd Regal resonator. Also appearing are a Kamaka 8 string tenor, Pono Acacia Tenor and Oscar Schmidt Koa Concert.

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    I re-recorded this last night with just one ukulele. I need to play it at an open mic next weekend and I can only play one uke at a time. This is the full version. Comments welcome.

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    Thank you for listening and commenting.

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    I know this is old, but I just listened to your song. Very nice! You've got a very expressive voice!
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