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Thread: 5 Easy Blues Licks 4U

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    This is Low G tuning, correct?

    I am learning from some blues books with CD and its good to have something to practice against (over and over) and then sampling different techniques to spice it up.

    Note: I'd like to hear more of a swing on those riffs.

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    I have a quick question on your slide playing. As a former dobro and lap steel player, how do you get such a clean bottleneck sound on your Applause? It didn't look like you used a nut extender, but no fret sound? I'm impressed.

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    @AussieAsh: Thanks again.

    @SuzukHammer: The Blues tutorials and playalongs on are all recorded in classic re-entrant tuning with high G ( G C E A ).
    My covers and improvisations are recorded in dropped D-tuning with a low 4th string ( D G B D' ). I use this tuning on soprano, tenor and baritone.

    @xjumper: I didn't change anything on the Ovation. I can't recommend the Ovation Applause. The top is sunken.
    I use a rather thick plec ( Jim Dunlop Nylon or Carbon 1mm ) and a glass bottleneck or a Mudslide ( porcelain ).
    I hit the strings hard. I dampen the strings that I don't use with fingers of the left hand and with my right hand.
    The string tension is higher than usual due to the dropped D-tuning.
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