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Thread: Collecting Traditional Music From Around The World?!!!!

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    Lightbulb Collecting Traditional Music From Around The World?!!!!

    I've had a deep, growing interest in traditional music for the past couple months. I have already begun to build my collection of traditional tunes from around the world. The following is a list of the different countries in which I have collected folk/trad. music from and one musician/group that (I believe, unless you prove me otherwise!) represents the particular regions sound:
    -Ireland: The Chieftains
    -Japan: Ensemble Nipponia
    -India: Shakti
    -Middle-East: Saudi Massi
    -Spain: Paco De Lucia
    -Brazil: Joćo Gilberto
    I'm wondering if anyone can share with me some of their favorite traditional music from their own or other countries that I can add to my collection. It would be greatly appreciated!

    (Thank you for reading and I am going to build a online store soon )

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    Hang on, scratch the reply. I just noticed it's a spamming maggot. (the link in his signature, if anyone is wondering what I'm talking about).
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