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Thread: Can a Baritone g string used on a tenor safely?

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    Default Can a Baritone g string used on a tenor safely?

    I'm hoping to buy some aquila baritone strings for my baritone and on the deacription box of the place i am buying from, it says that there is only one qound string and so, i am assuming it to be the D string which is wound.

    Would i be able to use the G on the baritone set on my tenor as a low g string without any harm or would i have to buy a tenor low g set too?

    Like wise, can a tenor low g be used on a baritone?
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    You can certainly try it - it's unlikely to be high enough tension to damage the uke. Whether it will intonate properly and sound balanced with the other strings is just something you have to test.

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    I use classical guitar strings on my tenor, and so do lots of other people, so you certainly can use a baritone string on a tenor. As OldePhart said, you won't know until you try whether you like the way it sounds.
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    I know of one soprano player who uses Worth
    Tenors on all of his sops, so the difference in
    poundage per tuning should not be that great?

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