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Thread: Columbus Ohio Ukulele Peeps (COUP)?

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    Default Columbus Ohio Ukulele Peeps (COUP)?

    Is there anyone on here that is a member of COUP or knows about it? I live in Dayton and was kind of thinking of attending a meet but I wanted to now a little more about it...

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    Default COUPster here

    Yep, I am from COUP. I am also publisher of Ukulele Player Magazine.

    The COUP gang is a good bunch. We have a lot of fun in a casual and friendly atmosphere and we welcome new folks with open arms. There are people of every skill level among us. Most are duffers, but we have a few that play for money. I've played the longest, over 40 years.
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    Please, I'd like to know more of this COUP group. I'm in Cbus and due to get a uke and get lernin in a few days. I love to jam and can play percussion quite well. The uke ... well, with some experienced players around me and maybe a couple lessons I might become something above miserably incompetent!

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    Have you attended the Dayton ukulele group?

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