Tribute to Bonk Inc.
  1. Modern man tries to solve problems by logic and thinking. 
Primitive man solves problems by dancing. 
And often with more success
  2. It is more blessed to give than to recieve
  3. pothead
  4. We need all the help we can get.
  5. Ihana Ohana
  6. Boat in senate square Helsinki Finland
  7. Fishing in Senate square Helsinki Finland
  8. Waiting for takeoff
  9. Twofaced
  10. Long time no hear
  11. Headlamp
  12. Pepper and salt biscuits
  13. Don't play with your food
  14. Tableau Vivant
  15. God designs a bench for sinners
  16. God falling back on his original rainbow design tries his hand at making a bench for the museum of m
  17. Happy grapes at the leaning tower of Kiwi
  18. Bangsy
  19. Experimental liquorice Pan pipes
  20. Fish finger xylophone
  21. Eggplant
  22. egghead
  23. egghog
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