Let's rock out!

Pictures from shows that I've participated in
  1. Ryan and Aldy doin what they do... every other month hahahahaha
  2. Jammin with Jake Shimabukuro
  3. Rockin out at "On Stage"
  4. AG and DC before the show
  5. Acoustic trio
  6. Zaysha from Kanalo
  7. Rockin out on Foxy
  8. "She loves you yeaaah yeeaahh yeeeaaaaaaah"
  9. The gang
  10. Feelin the groove
  11. Cindy Jackson shares the stage with her incredible vocals
  12. Titoboy checing my fingers for the chords but fails to notice I'm playing an E and he ends up playing a G instead
  13. Don't worry... that arrow is INDEED pointing to the right direction of my "show"  
  14. Trees lounge with a different line up for KTown Heroes
  15. Danyo joins us on stage
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