My Ukes

These are a few of my ukuleles and some other uke photos.
  1. Regal tiple tuned gG-cCc-eEe-AA with steel strings.
  2. Cebu Ukulele from Mactan Island, Philippines 
Made from coconuts.  A gift from Darcy and Loni, my son and daughter in law.
  3. Cebu Ukulele from Mactan Island, Philippines   A gift from Darcy and Loni, my son and daughter in law.
  4. The back of my banjoleles.  Same order as the front.
  5. L>R: 1 - An old wood pot banjolele with a skin head given to me by my friend Jim Bowskill, tuned GCEA 
2 - An old metal pot Banjo-Ette bought in...
  6. My first (and only) appearance on the jumbotron at the Havelock Country Jamboree.  My old '62 Martin D-21 has a few battle scars, but it's not as bad...
  7. Jim and Kala uke on back stage security duty at the Shelter Valley Folk Festival.  It's a tough job, but...
  8. A Domino Uke that I repaired for my friend Roy.  It's now owned by my friend, David Newland.
  9. Singing Ukulele Lady with the MLC Jug Band at a festival north of Kingston, Ontario.
  10. Another very fuzzy view of this banjolele from Jimmy
  11. My friend Jimmy Bowskill found this at a flea market and thought I might like it  He was right.  Al Black, a Peterborough drum maker is replacing the...
  12. Banjo-ette - A banjolele with a head covered with autographs from the '20s and '30s of folks I've never heard of.  The neck on this is twisted making...
  13. Slingerland Maybell banjolele.  a gift from my friend Jimmy Bowskill
  14. My friend and fiddler extraordinaire, the late Zeke Mazurek had loaned me this banjolele.  When another friend, John Bird, saw it, he asked me if...
  15. S.S.Stewart tenor banjo strung with nylon strings and tuned gCEA (re-entrant) with a capo on the second fret.  I guess I took the capo off for this...
  16. My uke student Kyle playing a duet with me at a uke club open mic.  We played The Ash Grove and Over The Rainbow.
  17. Me and my Kala - probably playing "Walkin' My Baby Back Home", since that's the only tune I play harp rack and uke on.
  18. An old no name tenor guitar that I've restrung with nylgut strings and tuned DGBE, making it a baritone uke.
  19. A cheap yard sale banjolele that I'll probably give to a kid who wants to play the uke.
  20. A Kala Cocert and a Johnson Concert Reso.
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