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L>R: 1 - An old wood pot banjolele with a skin head given to me by my friend Jim Bowskill, tuned GCEA
2 - An old metal pot Banjo-Ette bought in Picton for $12 and fitted with a new neck by Dave Fox for considerably more than $12. tuned gCEA.
3 - An S.S.Stewart tenor banjo tuned gCEA (capo II)
4 - A May Bell b Slingerland, given to me by Jim Bowskill and tuned gCEA.

All of these have skin heads except for the tenor bano which has a Fiberskin head.

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12-29-2014, 04:29 PM
My Ukes
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  1. fynger
    nice family
  2. Jim Yates
    The one on the left now belongs to my brother Bob.
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