Maple Leaf Champions

Ted Staunton and I started this jug band a few years ago. While it always includes Ted and me, it has varied from 3 to 9 or 10 in number. We recorded one CD with an anchor group of five.
Although I have been playing music since 1960, this is the first group in which I have ever used a ukulele.
  1. The day our CDs arrived in the mail.
  2. MLC at the Cameron House on Queen Street in Toronto with our guest vocalists The Ukulillies.
  3. Ted Staunton, Trevor Mills & Jim Yates at Port Hope's Capitol Theatre.
  4. Saskia, Ted, Jim & Will at the Orono Fairgrounds
  5. MLC Jug Band at Cobourg's Harvest Street Festival 
L>R - Ian McKeown, Jimmy Bowskill, Jim Yates, Ted Staunton, Evan Rolfe
  6. Greenbank Folk Club 
L>R - Saskia Tompkins, Ted Staunton, Jim Yates, Will Staunton
  7. A poster for a Millbrook folk club gig. 
I am holding an old S. S. Stewart tenor banjo which is tuned (capoed at II) gCEA with nylon strings.
  8. A gig at Spadina Museum in Toronto 
L>R - Will Staunton, Saskia Tomkins, Ted, me, Margaret Heenan, Ian McKeown,Rev Ken Ramsden, Brenda Ashton, Trish...
  9. An early publicity photo taken in my back room.
  10. A Christmas gig at the Library. 
James Melon, me, Ted, Jimmy Bowskill
  11. Me, Jimmy Bowskill and Ian Mckeown at a Bookstore gig in Port Hope
  12. The MLC Jug Band plays the Port Hope Jazz Fstival Parade
  13. Joseph Scriven Weekend 
L>R - Evan Rolfe, Ted, George Hamilton IV, me 
George was a really nice guy, who had no problem hanging with the local...
  14. Our second gig Port Hope Street Festival.  Me with Kala uke, Ted, Ian McKeown 
This is before I installed a strap on my uke.  I had to bring a stool...
  15. MLC Jug Band at Zest Restaurant, Port Hope. 
L>R - Will, me, Ted, Ian, Zeke Mazurek (Zeke was our first fiddle player. RIP) 
I just noticed Evan's...
  16. When Jimmy's on tour, Saskia Tompkins plays fiddle with us.
  17. I'm playing my gCEA tuned nylon string tenor banjo here.  Before I put the strap on it, I had to sit when I played anything very complicated.   
  18. A gig at Toronto's Cameron House Hotel on Queen Street. 
L>R - Will Staunton, Ted, me, Jimmy Bowskill
  19. This is the largest incarnation of the MLC Jug Band at the Port Hope Bandshell.  A vocal trio, The Ukulillies, sang with us, but left their ukes at...
  20. Ted and Jimmy Bowskill and I played this gig at Tommfest north of Kingston, Ontario.  Jimmy is a good friend and we hang out even though I'm 45 years...
  21. Ted and I played this gig in Napanee's Music Market with James Melon on snare and washboard.
  22. This is the photo that we used for our CD cover.  It was taken after the Jazz Festival Parade.  The tenor banjo I'm holding is tuned gCEA. 
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