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  1. University of Cincinnati Ukulele Club
  2. Anyone in VEGAS?
  3. Lone Star Uke Fest 2010 - DALLAS, TX - Early Bird Rate Available NOW!
  4. Long Island ukers??
  5. West of Atlanta SEUkers bi-weekly meet up 01/26/10
  6. philly?
  7. UUers/Ukulele Players of Athens, GA, lend me your ears!
  8. Southern Indiana Area
  9. Attn. Floridians: Tampa Bay Ukulele Society (TBUS) "open mic" on 2/12
  10. JoCo in NYC April 2nd and 3rd
  11. Harrisonburg, Virginia?
  12. Met up with Keonimanua...
  13. Washington State Ukers
  14. Old Town San Diego Uke jam 02/18/10...
  15. Houston area
  16. Next Charlotte Uke Jam - March 6
  17. Leeds!
  18. Throw me some Beads and I’ll show you my Ukulele…Mardi Gras Jam! - Dallas, TX
  19. Central NY uke players?!
  20. The Inaugural Melbourne Ukulele Festival
  21. Concord NH Area
  22. Charlotte, nc area uke jam -- the march one is on!!!
  23. 2010 Wine Country Ukulele Festival
  24. Any Phoenix area ukers out there!?!?
  25. NYC this weekend - 3/4 - 3/7
  26. unplug the wood nr Farnborough, Hampshire se uk jam
  27. Reno/Tahoe UkeFest
  28. Southeast Uke Jam - CUKEOUT
  29. Southeast FLA Ukulele Meetup Group
  30. San Francisco/Bay Area meet up?
  31. Preston Ukulele Strummers Society (PUSS) [Northwest UK]
  32. Dallas festival - Oklahoma players
  33. The Official Philadelphia Meet-Up Thread
  34. Any SoCal get togethers? (Long Beach/HB/LA area)
  35. Ukulele Club de Montreal
  36. One Day Ukulele Mini-Fest - UK - Sunday 18th April 2010
  37. NJ Uke Club
  38. 2nd Sunday for SUPA in Seattle
  39. Open Mic Every Sunday @ The Spiral Gallery Cafe. Waimanalo!
  40. So if you're in Wellington, NZ this weekend...
  41. Washington uke players
  42. Uke of the Irish event in Arlington, Texas -- Dallas Ukulele Headquarters
  43. PA JAM - AUK - Allegheny Ukulele Kollective
  44. Texas Uke Fest this weekend in San Antonio
  45. NH Ukulele Club "Uke Free or Die"
  46. 2010 Lone Star Uke Fest & Music Camp- Dallas
  47. 2010 Lone Star Uke Fest & Music Camp- Dallas
  48. SE Idaho-County Line Ukalliance
  49. Official Montréal Meet-up Thread
  50. New Ukulele Club in San Diego...
  51. Pictures up! Uke of the Irish pictures from Hooligan's Pub and Grill
  52. Charlotte Area Uke Jam - April 3
  53. So, Sydney Ukers?
  54. New Hampshire Uke Free or Die
  55. Northern California, Sacramento Uke club
  56. Anywhere I can learn to play the ukulele in Stockholm, Sweden?
  57. Dallas Ukulele Headquarters
  58. Northeast PA Ukers?
  59. Derbyshire, UK - Ukulele day, with Ohana, Kala, The Re-entrants and more... 11th Apri
  60. Indianapolis Ukulele Meet-Up
  61. Location Change for Tonights SEUkers Meeting
  62. Philly Open Mic **Calling all Ukers**
  63. Hi Cukeout attendees
  64. One DAY! FREE to General Public - 2nd ANNUAL Lone Star Uke Fest - Dallas, TX
  65. Corktown Uke Jam? Just a couple questions...
  66. Minneapolis
  67. Ukulele World Congress (just the facts, so you don't have to read thru 60+ pages)
  68. Celebrate Ukulele - Las Vegas
  69. Special Thanks to Hank for putting together some of the cabins at UWC.
  70. Boston area?
  71. L.u.s.t. (leeds)
  72. New Night... Tunbridge Wells, Kent. England.
  73. Save the date!!! Ukulele Festival in Florida
  74. Hello from Harrisburg, Pa.
  75. Hawaiian music ukulele jams @ Andronico's in San Francisco?
  76. S.E. Ukers Play Free Comic Book Day... VIDEOS!
  77. 40th Annual Ukulele Festival July 18, 2010 9:30am-2:30pm
  78. Hula lessons for beginners in Mira Mesa San Diego tonight...
  79. Pittsburgh Uke fans?
  80. For those that are attending UWC.
  81. UWC Truths
  82. Is Chicago having a uke fest this year?
  83. SEUS in Kent, WA this Sat the 15th at 1:30p
  84. NY Ukefest this Saturday
  85. Anyone have any napalm for use at the UWC?
  86. Brown County Ukulele Festival ~ June 6th Nashville Indiana
  87. Baltimore Ukulele Club Meeting 5/22 at 2 PM
  88. Need a ride to UWC? Have room for someone in your car?
  89. Ukulele Workshop and Kanikapila - San Francisco
  90. The obligatory "What Ukes are You Bringing to UWC?" thread
  91. Richmond, Virginia Uke Jam - Interested?
  92. San Diego Ukers, how about getting together for some jammin?
  93. Anyone want to start a jam in Alberta? (Specifically Edmonton area?)
  94. UWC2010 songbook?
  95. Asheville NC
  96. Clubs in China or Japan?
  97. More importantly than what uke you bringing, what hat are you wearing to the UWC?
  98. First Occasional Columbia Ukulele Symposium
  99. Is anyone going to the hukilau in fort lauderdale ?
  100. Ukulele Festival of Great Britain June 19th-20th
  101. Charlotte Uke Jam - June 5
  102. calling all people from the southern california region!
  103. Anyone near Prague, Czech Republic
  104. my acoustic ukulele friendly jam has moved to tuesday nights
  105. Santa Barbara every Saturday around Noon at the Pier
  106. Photos from UWC 2010 June 5th and 6th
  107. Magic: Investigating the Vibrations @ UWC2010
  108. Ukulele World Congress 2010 VIDEO!
  109. Favorite moments at UWC 2010
  110. King Kamehameha day in San Diego...
  111. Milwaukee Uke Fest September 25, 2010
  112. Southern Illinois Ukin' in the Woods campout and uke fest!
  113. Countries and States represented at UWC
  114. Uke Fest 2010 in Seattle, June 25th -27th
  115. Curing the Post-UWC blues
  116. Father's Day Uke Jam - Landon Winery in historic downtown McKinney, TEXAS
  117. Okc jam
  118. Minnesota Lil' Rev uke seminar June 27th
  119. North Olympic Peninsula Ukulele Players
  120. Blue Stone Folk School Ukulele Society
  121. Lost My Frisbee at the UWC
  122. RIVER CITY UKULELE SOCIETY Richmond, Virginia
  123. Ukulele Sailors ?
  124. Any other uke players going to be at NAMM this weekend?
  125. Hawaii to Las Vegas
  126. Winchester Indiana, Aloha Week July 8th -10th
  127. SE Uke Fest II 2010
  128. Outdoor jam session Cambridge MA June 28
  129. Meet up and all-ukulele Open Mic July 8 and 9 Noblesville, Indiana
  130. Northern Virginia -- Lake Anne Ukulele Festival July 10th
  131. * Third Annual Ukulele World Congress* June 3rd-4th, 2011
  132. Need Your Help Naming Fall Uke Jam
  133. what happened to the stickam jam sessions ?
  134. Charlotte Uke Jam - July 10
  135. 2nd Annual UKE-2-GETHER Hosted By UKE Republic
  136. Ukulele Festival of South Florida
  137. 40th Roy Sakuma Uke Fest
  138. Manila, Philippines Uke Meet up! Who's interested?
  139. Denver area ukulele players??
  140. Savannah Uke Group Interest
  141. Louisville Uke Get Together on July 17th
  142. Richmond, Virginia - River City Ukulele Society
  143. Tulsa area ukes
  144. Portland, ME, Uke Group Forming
  146. ukulele festival
  147. Everett, Washington - Jam Session at Oahu's
  148. Ukulele Sundays in San Clemente, California, starting August 1, 2010...
  149. Kentuckiana Ukes are BACK!
  150. 16th Annual San Francisco Aloha Festival
  151. New Group in Thousand Oaks, CA
  152. Become a Coffee House Uker
  153. Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition
  154. SE Ukers - Fun or What???
  155. Philadelphia Uke Jam
  156. Lawton OK Ukulele Group !!
  157. Southern California Ukulele Festival - Aldrine in Southern California!!!...
  158. aloha festival 2010 san francisco presidio
  159. Charlotte Uke Jam - August 7
  160. Western Mass Ukers
  161. Ukulele Club in Kingston, Ontario
  162. crossroads ukulele festival
  163. Ukulele Players in the Twin Cities area????
  164. The Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway!
  165. South Bay Kanikapila August 14 6pm @ Roy's Station, SJ
  166. Open mic night! Secaucus nj!
  167. Anyone going to the Wine Country `Ukulele Festival in St. Helena CA?
  168. UUers from good ol' Iowa.
  169. Kentuckiana Uke Jam- Louisville, KY
  170. Washington Square Park, NYC August 28th?
  171. Ukulele Festival near Nashville in October
  172. Check out our group's blog, new pics and new videos!
  173. NW Washington 'Ukulele Meet up!
  174. South Bay Kanikapila Saturday, September 11th 6pm @ Roy's Station, SJ
  175. Vancouver?
  176. Mighty Uke Roadshow to attempt an ukulele strum-along record in San Francisco
  177. Calling all Aussie's to Unite in Uke!
  178. September 18 2010 Second annual SE Uke 2gether
  179. Eugene UKEtoberFest 2010
  180. Anyone talking about UWC 2011 yet?
  181. Utah Ukelele Players Meeting
  182. Honolulu
  183. Lawton, OK get-together
  184. Lower Westchester Uke Players
  185. Charlotte Uke Jam for September... 2 Jams!
  186. Live Aloha In Seattle
  187. Jam in Bethlehem, PA
  188. Performance Invitation - Northeast PA
  189. Lakewood, WA Herb Ohta Workshop
  190. SouthEast UKERS 2nd Annual UKE-2-GETHER in the ATL!!!
  191. Ukers from Poland, please take a look here ;)
  192. New Group. North Sydney, Australia
  193. Uke groups??
  194. Any SW UK people around who play uke?
  195. Burning Uke 2010
  196. Okies: Time to get together?
  197. Oahu UU members
  198. East Bay, CA, new club-Dublin CA.
  199. Charlotte Area Uke Jam-- October 2
  200. SE Ukers b i weekly Java Jam night is on Wednesday
  201. Club Songbooks
  202. Mountain View, CA UkeJam 10/11
  203. San Jose, CA - Kanikapila 10/9
  204. Does anyone happen to know
  205. Electric City Ukulele Club Schenectady NY
  206. Northamptonshire jam?
  207. San Jose (CA) Ukulele Club
  208. Uketoberfest Uke Jam Next Saturday!!!
  209. Saint Augustine, Florida players?
  210. San Francisco Uke Club/Get Together?
  211. Yonah Ukes meeting in Cleveland, Georgia!
  212. Stockholm? Berlin?
  213. Anyone in Tucson, AZ?
  214. Videos of Ukulele Sundays in San Clemente, California...
  215. O'ahu's Restaurant, Everett, Washington
  216. Choctaw or BUST – Ukulele Bus Trip - leaving from Dallas, TX
  217. Quick Reminder
  218. Hawaiian Style Ukulele workshop. SAN FRANCISCO home of the Giants!
  219. Ukulele Picnic on Oahu 2011
  220. Northern Virginia?
  221. Ukulele Clinic - Sacramento
  222. Normal, IL Uke meeting
  223. Gorge Uke Fest. Hood River, OR.
  224. Charlotte Area Ukers - Sharing the Aloha love and Christmas spirit at local hospital!
  225. Okinawa International Ukulele Group
  226. Christmas Uke Jams - Northeast PA
  227. Halifax Uke Gang
  228. Okinawa Ukulele School
  229. Any uke gatherings in London and Paris in Feb 2011
  230. Ukulele workshop with Herb Ohta Jr. - San Francisco Dec. 14th
  231. Uke Jam in Mountain View, CA
  232. North Fort Worth / Mid Cities Texas (North Richland Hills) - any groups or interest?
  233. Any Ukulele Events in Upstate New York June 2011?
  234. UU Pilipinas December meet!
  235. Okilele-Okinawa Ukulele Group
  236. Any uke players in NYC?
  237. Come “strum” in the New Year - New Year’s Day Jam - L&L Hawaiian in Plano, TX!
  238. CHICAGO area~ XTC music
  239. SEUkers Meeting at Cool Beans in Marietta tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 28) 6-6:30 ish
  240. We're taking over Starbucks!
  241. La Crosse, WI -- January, 28th
  242. Any small jams of guys playing "melody" type of uke-in So. Cal
  243. Ukulele Group Forming in El Paso, TX
  244. A New Ukulele Club in Los Angeles - The Pluckin' Strummers
  245. pearl jam weekend
  246. WOSUP - West Of Scotland Ukulele Players, Glasgow based
  247. Help!!!! South Eastern Ukulele Spring Festival Needs Name
  248. Anyone in Vegas up for a Meetup?
  249. West Coast 'UKulele Retreat
  250. What do you do with a ukulele ensemble?