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  1. Finally tested the chords out and recorded Its A Jungle Out There
  2. Uke videos by Renei Yarrow
  3. TODAY by Randy Sparks - Ukulele arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch
  4. Mutineer - Warren Zevon cover
  5. The Five Pennies
  6. Blues in D
  7. another "all of me" cover...
  8. First Arrangement - Quigley Down Under Main Theme
  9. Mini jams?
  10. A short ukulele arrangement of mine :)
  11. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'
  12. 'Kuhio Bay'
  13. End of Lessons?
  14. Touch of Grey [Grateful Dead cover]
  15. The ukulele is just a comedy instrument?
  16. Across The Great Divide - Kate Wolf cover (via Nanci Griffith)
  17. Christmas - Ukulele style!
  18. The Inkspots! Solo uke :)
  19. 'My Neighbour Totoro' theme - ukulele style!
  20. pollo caliente
  21. Some jaunty celtic ukulele music!
  22. Old Jake video with a different ukulele!
  23. La Carolina - uke & guitar duet by John King
  24. Be Thou My Vision [fingerstyle ukuele]
  25. I Want You (Show Me The Way)
  26. An update to the jaunty ukulele music!
  27. Rocket Man
  28. Price Tag - Ukastle Ukestra do a Jessie J song
  29. Roberto!
  30. Does this video intro grab your attention?
  31. Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
  32. National Anthem a' la Uke at Wrigley Field
  33. Daddy's Little Girl
  34. Ukulele Underground Forum Rules
  35. I'll fly away Claw hammerish on the Baritone Ukuele
  36. Excess noise when taking video with a "still" camera
  37. Let it Be
  38. Maru & the Barbe Magre
  39. Monster Mash remake
  40. I'd love feedback: "Paper Bag" fiona Apple Baritone Ukulele cover
  41. Poor sound on videos submitted for Seasons
  42. Puncture Repair Kit - An original love song. Of sorts.
  43. Non-name Pocket Uke from eBay
  44. Can I post video clips I took UU concert festival on FB?
  45. Jaggy Rag guitar/ukulele duet
  46. My late "88"
  47. Original song: Half Smoked Cigarette
  48. Original song: "Alpha & Omega"
  49. Original song: I need a map to your heart
  50. Ukulele Chords to Stella by Starlight
  51. Closing down YouTube?
  52. Still Learning How To Fly (Rodney Crowell)
  53. Mantrap! - An Original Song
  54. Alternative to YouTube/other video sharing sites?
  55. Bye and Bye - Baritone Ukulele Blues
  56. Frosty the Snowman..
  57. Fixing a Hole (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
  58. Bach Bouree BMV 1006
  59. Seeking advice on making videos for students - how, using what?
  60. Videos loading really slow?
  61. Recommended order of study on UU?
  62. Good news...the UU+ iPad app is availble again
  63. Adding video links on UU
  64. Old Pine - Ben Howard
  65. Fumbling Along ...
  66. 2 months in! First half of While my Guitar Gently Weeps
  67. Going up the country
  68. A Great Ken Middleton tutorial
  69. Typhoon Theme Song
  70. Ukulele and Mandolin on a theme of Karl Orff
  71. Dad's Army chord melody
  72. Let's Face The Music and Dance Banjo Uke solo
  73. I made this earlier in the year... but i wanted to share something! Wild Rover
  74. Where did this man go?
  75. Hillbilly looking Banjo Player Rocking a heavy metal number in New Zealand
  76. Make a You Tube video?
  77. The Other Place (an original song - a lighthearted look at dying)
  78. A Medley of Songs That Don't Belong Together...
  79. Video Tool
  80. Latest Newcastle Australia video - Royals by Lorde
  81. While my ukulele gently weeps...
  82. Back after a long absence! (Still uke-in!)
  83. Moon River
  84. Blue Roses Failing....it's not quite up to par.
  85. 3 Little Birds Ukulele Magazine Video Contest
  86. New tenor and baritone ukes from Les Stansell
  87. Fly me to the Moon
  88. "Christmas in Washington, Part 2"
  89. One ukulele - four different players
  90. New LFdM vid / MiSi pickup sample
  91. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World
  92. My 5th ukulele guitar duet!
  93. A bright sunshiny day
  94. Celine Dion's To Love You More - Cover Version
  95. My first video "Knights in White Satin" cover
  96. Not clawhammer...
  97. My first ukulele video - triplet funky strum
  98. Riptide, just picked up singing what do you think?
  99. Clawhammer!
  100. Bandito Tyler... Like you have never seen it before. Special for Aldrine...
  101. Tears in Heaven
  102. Ukulele Rock with backing track !
  103. My first video and song
  104. Funny original song about Facebook romance
  105. Noobie to Ukulele, am doing it right?
  106. "Hoot Owl"
  107. My new "wannabe! classical original song.
  108. Pono Acacia Baritone ABD ukulele sound test
  109. Want to post slideshows and videos
  110. Luis Bonfa Solo Tenor Uke arrangement.
  111. Comparison/Messing Around…
  112. How do you make a video using your laptop?
  113. First video from the new album, Come Back Home-Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel
  114. Sin City
  115. The Blarney Pilgrim
  116. Railroad Bill on a maccaferri uke
  117. Open Mic -- Festured Performer -- Uke and Upright Bass
  118. Comin' thro' the Rye
  119. Rock around the clock and When the saints go marching in on ukulele and harmonica
  120. A little piece for machete
  121. More for clawhammer fans...
  122. "My Little Buttercup" chord/melody
  123. Hawaiian Language Song Competition-Liko Puha entry
  124. Ho'okahi - from "Polani", Daniel Ho
  125. Solo Ukulele Improvisation
  126. Peg + Cat Theme Song
  127. First video singing and playing baritone ukulele
  128. A new song.
  129. Happy accident (New recording).
  130. One video a week - 01 - Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel
  131. The bored songwriter.
  132. Aloha, here's my arrangement of the best Bond Theme!
  133. My tribute to the late Motorhead singer LEMMY!
  134. New arrangement of "Paper Moon" - free TAB available. Enjoy!
  135. Groove is the Heart - Deee-Lite ukulele cover
  136. Kim Jorgensen's Jazz Ukulele Version of "Let's Get Lost"
  137. Elton John's "I Need You to Turn To"
  138. WoodKid - I love you Cover
  139. Reindeers are better than people, on my new Pono!
  140. "We'll meet again" cover with Ukulele and Clarinet
  141. My try at "How to love" by lil wayne
  142. "Ain't she sweet" Ukulele + Clarinet
  143. "You've got a friend in me" Ukulele + Clarinet Cover
  144. You got a friend
  145. "My little grass shack" (uku + clarinet)
  146. "Puttin' on the Ritz"
  147. pump up the jam - Technotronic
  148. Just messing around
  149. New video, strummin
  150. Dream a Little Dream
  151. Somewhere over the rainbow
  152. On the sunny side of the street - 番茄音乐-晓光叔叔
  153. Ain't She Sweet
  154. Sunshine of Your Love by Cream
  155. Fretboard animation in play-a-longs
  156. Hotel California Fingerstyle
  157. Unchain my heart and black magic woman on ukulele and harmonica
  158. Eight Days a Week
  159. my way of playing Hotel California
  160. Something, by George Harrison
  161. Making a Video?
  162. Original Ukulele Rock
  163. System Of A Down - full album on a ukulele!
  164. Sugar Man - Sixto Rodriguez (Ukulele Cover)
  165. A Little Renaissance - My first vid
  166. BBC Get Playing Virtual Orchestra - including yours truly on Ukulele
  167. My Wife Left Town with a Banana (I told u I would do it)
  168. Heart Shaped Box
  169. Hey Joe Ukulele Instrumental inspired by Guitar Superhero Paintings
  170. Happy Halloween!
  171. Soprano Low G Fingerstyle Piece
  172. Iron maiden on ukulele
  173. Help me make the 10000 before X-mas
  174. Anti Blues, an original tune
  175. The Smoking Seasons, a song about "the a**hole of China"
  176. I Believe (Frankie Laine)
  177. Uke Bass Cover: Flakey Mojo sings The Cranberries "Zombie"
  178. The Hukilau Song - Solo Ukulele
  179. Dixieland Uke instrumental
  180. Cool video
  181. Song ID
  182. My blue heaven on firefly soprano banjouke
  183. Raul Malo with his new UBass
  184. Ukulele ensemble--four part harmonies in playing and singing; pop, classical, jazz
  185. Sweet Pea
  186. Goofball uke review
  187. Let it Be, on two different ukes
  188. Another u-Bass Rockout: A Rage Against The Machine cover.
  189. Aloha ʻOe and new Worth strings
  190. Sound comparison
  191. My third original tune - "After The End"
  192. Video of an old standard deleted suddenly
  193. 'Feeling Good' Nina Simone Cover
  194. Theme from Schindler's list
  195. 'Fun Fun Fun' and 'Barbara Ann'
  196. Venice 1937, a short tune I came up with
  197. Ambient Ukulele video - a very NON-Traditional experience
  198. my walking stick firefly banlouke
  199. Londonderry Air-Video with tab
  200. The Ukulele Way - Book 1 - Lesson 9 - Roving Gambler
  201. "Wildflowers" a tribute to the great Tom Petty
  202. over the rainbow on the yamaha gl1 gitalele
  203. St. Louis Blues...
  204. La Guacaba (Venezuelan Joropo)
  205. Mack the knife insrtrumental on firefly banjolele
  206. Adrian & Robert
  207. 42nd street on a firefly banjouke
  208. Me and my shadow ukulele instrumental
  209. Georgia on my mind ukulele instrumental
  210. In Dolce Jubilo
  211. ces't si bon
  212. Summertime instrumental on my first tenor
  213. "Old Devil Moon" - bari uke instrumental
  214. Dionisio Aguado-Waltz Lesson 17
  215. some ukulele swing on swing standard
  216. some more swing
  217. Nico'o ft Jane Cameron
  218. You Sexy Thing
  219. "people are strange" fingerpicked tutorial plus spicy extra chords
  220. Thing for the Uke To Bridge page on facebook
  221. The videos don't appear in thread
  222. chord melody by Lyle Ritz
  223. 3 chord strum
  224. What a wonderful world
  225. Fur Elise - improvisations - Ukulele - Tarek
  226. Titanic - Heart will go on - long version - improvisation
  227. Ukulele in the dark and in the light:)
  228. Riptide (Vance Joy) Cover
  229. Guiltiness - ukulele reggae
  230. Matteo Carcassi-Allegretto op 59
  231. When I Fall in love instrumental
  232. My own creation. What do you think?
  233. 3 chords is all you need
  234. Mississipi mud
  235. Mississipi mud banjolele
  236. A question
  237. I think this song makes a nice chord melody,what do you think?
  238. Silent Night
  239. Breezin' Improvising
  240. Honey Baby and Drop Baby Drop
  241. On the sunnyside of the street banjo ukavocal
  242. First video/ukulele cover!
  243. Visage's "Fade to Grey" on Stylophone Gen-X1 & Ukuleles
  244. Blues and slide on my baritone
  245. Has anyone tried a multi screen video?
  246. Fingerstyle fun
  247. Thats Amore
  248. Stairway To Heaven Intro/ Improv (Kanile’a Concert)
  249. Fun times with the Hawaii Kai Soprano UKE !! <3
  250. Undercover Lover Tutorial/Lesson