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  1. Song writing Process
  2. how does everyone do it
  3. UU Online Colaborative Song
  4. New Uke Song
  5. Song writing form!
  6. Song I wrote tonight
  7. NY Times Songwriting Blog: Measure for Measure
  8. Song writing game
  9. song writer
  10. Chrono cross - Those who left
  11. Song Writing stories!
  12. New to Ukuleles, my first song.
  13. Anybody use Reason? (Orchestral song inside!)
  14. Hawaiian Help
  15. New Ukulele Song "I Know Why"
  16. Love song writing help
  17. new song, new lyrics what dyu think
  18. Original Jazz Tune
  19. February Album Writing Month
  20. Old man pants by anomoly40
  21. Kalimba and Ukulele experimentation
  22. Blue Waters
  23. Copyright question...Anyone know?
  24. New Song - Come The Rain
  25. Ukulele Circle of Fifths
  26. New Song- Lonely Nights & Lullabies.
  27. Song Writing & Performance Advice
  28. Song Help
  29. Two New Songs: "Jive Tank" and "Six Saturdays and a Sunday"
  30. Post Whore Songwriting!!!
  31. not really a song, but . . .
  32. Typical Day
  33. NEW Song
  34. The Uke Song By Kenny Hogan
  35. New Song "As We Fall"
  36. Original compositions...
  37. Uke Jug Band Tune "I lean to the Left"
  38. Help me out, please
  39. Cool Article on Chord Progressions
  40. All In My Stride featuring Aurelie Harousseau
  41. A bridge to nowhere...
  42. I am me, and You are You.
  43. Fifty Songs in Ninety Days 50/90 Starts July 4
  44. New Song "50 dollar pool"
  45. Need to write a song to impress the ladies
  46. Need help with final chord for this song
  47. i'm wicked scared posting this...
  48. "Tonari no Totoro" inspired riff
  49. Need help wtih children's song
  50. some help with a song i wrote. :)
  51. First attempts, guitar arrangements.
  52. My first original
  53. New Song.. Check it out!
  54. yet another new song.
  55. What should I write a song about?
  56. New Song
  57. Working on a new original
  58. need help with chords
  59. My attempt at writing a song
  60. my song
  61. Having Trouble Sneezing (Get a Mac)
  62. Dead Lover's Waltz [original song]
  63. [. Eff Luck, New Song .]
  64. Anatomy of a Song - "Toucan Play"
  65. Breaking Free of C, Am, F, G
  66. Anatomy of a Song - 2108 revisited
  67. Tips on Lyrics?
  68. Daydreaming ukulele duet
  69. Original song on the uke
  70. help finishing a song i wrote
  71. Two New Three Toe Uke Tunes
  72. "I'mma let you finish"
  73. any1 know if these lyrics exist?
  74. Need a laugh? here's a funny song...
  75. Song I wrote.
  76. a song i've wrote
  77. Feedback on my song?
  78. ukehunt
  79. this is my original song :)
  80. First Uke Track: Your Hearts Not Free
  81. New comedy song: "Mayan Apocalypse Chord"
  82. A Song for the Texters (original!!)
  83. FAWM, anyone?
  84. This is more of a technical question
  85. New track: Whats In Your Head?
  86. my little song
  87. My New Song!
  88. Nashville Money
  89. New song
  90. Song written entirely on iPhone? check it out!
  91. My Friend, The Bum
  92. First song here on UU. And it's not a ukulele song.
  93. Page 28, a poem
  94. Song of The Queen Bee
  95. Chord(s) help!
  96. New Song!
  97. The Muse (courtesy of FAWM) Awesome songwriting tool!!!
  98. Help me with lyrics?
  99. To Astound (My Words Are Dead)
  100. Jingles
  101. Sharing a song. About Katherine Heigl.
  102. I Can't Find The Words
  103. a little rap !
  104. "[Airplane] Terminal Love"
  105. Never Say never Again (My new original)
  106. Original instrumental constructive criticism
  107. Help with Hawaiian Lyrics
  108. First Song
  109. Three track EP
  110. anyone know any basic chord progressions?
  111. Excited to Start a New Band
  112. Can anybody tell me....
  113. Where I can breathe (Ukulele original)
  114. "Shank you, slut!" (Original, and frightfully silly, song)
  115. Need English lyrics for an original song
  116. "Smiley" From demo to studio
  117. a couple of songs ive been working on...
  118. Creepy Lovesong (new uke original)
  119. Fifty Songs in Ninety Day Challenge aka 50/90
  120. N-Viral ObiCity
  121. My new original: "Microwave Minute"
  122. first project: girls (is there another?! haha...)
  123. I need the forum's help!!! (:
  124. Zombie Cheerleader Ukulele Musical
  125. Paul Gale - My Songs
  126. Tips anyone?
  127. Original song feedback needed
  128. Answer Sheet 's New Song "Stay,Leave"
  129. Need help with lyrics, beautiful song of my 13 yo daughter on bariton uke
  130. Not actually a song;)
  131. Basic songwriting process
  132. Need help writing songs !!!!
  133. Making a poem into a song
  134. My new original: "Facebook Friend"
  135. -You stole my Heart - Need Help and Tips
  136. A new song I made
  137. New lyrics to one of my orginal songs
  138. Five Days (original song)
  139. Just a man (original)
  140. "The Sky's The Limit" A Ukulele Duet
  141. "The Moon" Ukulele Instrumental
  142. Do you copywrite your songs?
  143. New Ukulele Christmas Album Now On iTunes!
  144. Less Awesome
  145. Original song for Uke, any feedback would be appreciated.
  146. New song to share
  147. February Album Writing Month FAWM 2011
  148. The "Bridge" of a song
  149. Question for those who have written songs..
  150. New Member - New Song to share (Sail my troubles away)
  151. Comedy song collaboration
  152. minoring a minor
  153. A Rainbow is Nothing - some reflections on refraction :)
  154. Tiger Woods in Therapy: A Psycho-Analysis by Ukulele
  155. New Song Writing Series by Jeff Burton
  156. Metal song
  157. Voodoo Brother
  158. A little fun with 2222 and 1111
  159. so can someone tell me if this is good i wrote this during bio its a poem
  160. just tell me what you think please
  161. How are these lyrics?
  162. Two songs, self written.
  163. My ukulele pop-song
  164. Perfect Summer Days - Original song, lyric critique please?
  165. Doomsday
  166. My new song 'Ant'hem (the ants song)
  167. Songs by Someone Who Can't Play Uke
  168. Five chords, six verses, no bridge, no chorus, one cat
  169. Some lyrics i came up with.
  170. And a second song written
  171. original song number 13
  172. My bro rapping, EVERYBODY listen up its amazing.
  173. Curt Carter...story teller and song writer lecture on song writing
  174. An old-fashioned love song
  175. 10 original songs - Jacob's Trio
  176. "me and ukulele" instrumental ukulele album june,2011
  177. Help needed with American slang
  178. Cocaine Blues Revisited
  179. Two "dislikes" on youtube, both from my own kids!
  180. The Day You Died
  181. song writing challenge
  182. Key ? When writing melodies and chords...
  183. Baphomet
  184. ┬┐Creepy? Transvestites in Paris Hiltonville
  185. lyric writing challenge
  186. A love/hate relationship (Orginal Song)
  187. Yet another song writing challenge.....
  188. #2 - Still Yet Another Song Writing Challenge.....
  189. Two of my songs on YouTube
  190. A 14yr Old being big headed...
  191. Just finished video of new song.
  192. An instrumental I wrote
  193. An instrumental I wrote
  194. Juxtaposing Chord Progressions in Song
  195. Goliath Falls
  196. Poems into songs?
  197. Dealin' By The Lamp Post
  198. Help!
  199. 2 songs I've never played to anyone...
  200. Remember "Lollipop Indians?" (here's a song about 'em)
  201. Summer months
  202. poem -> song how to put a tone
  203. Stray away from A-B-A-B-A-B format
  204. That Pretty Bird, She Flew Away...
  205. Aloha Is Hawaiian For The Blues
  206. feelin' blue
  207. problem with songwriting
  208. What are your favorite song writing tools?
  209. A new song I recorded
  210. This really needs to be put to music and shared with the "millions"
  211. chromatic progression problem
  212. track from the past... i'm afraid there's no ukulele in it...
  213. Hey Jude recomposition by JOSEPH FERRANTE (extreme guitar)
  214. short original
  215. How do you work out who gets music and lyrics credit for writing a song?
  216. Island Frame of Mind
  217. If this world's a ball!
  218. Survival of the Ukist
  219. King Cole's Blues
  220. Tips on Song Writing
  221. Williamstown, WV
  222. Good software to write a full music score with ukulele
  223. Songwriting Book?
  224. So many ways......kathy murray
  225. Iron John
  226. Another two songs of JOSEPH FERRANTE
  227. Finding it hard to not clone my previous songs?
  228. Old Guy Rap
  229. Need Feedback on new song (Summers End)
  230. Circle of Fifths
  231. Jumping Flea Arpeggiator: Gradus ad Parnassum for the High G Ukulele
  232. New song idea, what do you think?
  233. Second Thoughts
  234. Sunday in the Park: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte
  235. Songwriting Prompts for the Ukulele
  236. Kitchen Sink
  237. new song: Tomorrow on the Map
  238. Toilet World by JOSEPH FERRANTE
  239. Peter Case Workshop at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto CA
  240. Sweet Pea
  241. My uke-affiliated songs, mahaloz for listening
  242. Original song: Indecision
  243. Little Girl
  244. Need More Verses for "I'm A Senator, and I'm Okay!" (tune for Lumberjack Song) HELP!
  245. Introduction and a song
  246. I Water
  247. "This is my song"
  248. When Death Rains Down From the Sky
  249. Danaan's Lament : original song with animated music video!
  250. Everybody's Goin' Somewhere pa original