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  1. 10 good reasons to play your ukulele to an audience!
  2. Printable Key Chart
  3. Left handed - help re strings
  4. 8 string banjoele
  5. Banjo Uke ?
  6. The Daily Ukulele Book...
  7. A Wee Bit Discouraged
  8. Having trouble with bar chords
  9. How do you decide the picking patterns for chords ?
  10. Help finding songs
  11. Spruce Top + Low C -- Make Sense?
  12. Best Ukulele For Beginners under $100
  13. Initials setup issues with my ukulele
  14. changing to a low c?
  15. Mystery Chords
  16. Sounds Like D#, Not D#.
  17. which Ululele?
  18. Low G
  19. Ukulele at Preschool
  20. Teaching young kids how to tune the ukulele
  21. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  22. Parent – Child Ukulele Basics by Ukulele Movement
  23. U-Can Ukulele! A Beginners’ Ukulele Workshop by Ukulele Movement
  24. International Shipping and Poster Now Available (Chord Chart)
  25. Wish me luck!
  26. 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' lyrics, chords & video
  27. Ukelele Tuning A string
  28. 4 Finger Roll
  29. Just got a subscription to UkuleleTricks
  30. Where To Start?
  31. How do you juggle playing different instruments?
  32. classical guitar to ukulele
  33. An interesting evening
  34. learning a song
  35. How do I know if my nut is too high?
  36. Problems with my Lanikai LU-21. Help me, please?
  37. A/B?
  38. Struggling to achieve Bmin cleary ?
  39. Breaking away from Major/Minor Scale
  40. Songsheet Generater for Christmas - FREE
  41. Stickers on the ukulele
  42. Kamoa E-Concert vs Kala Mahogany Concert vs Ohana OH-CK-20S
  43. Ukulele Apps for SmartPhones?
  44. Right hand nail length
  45. new member from the Big Island of Hawaii
  46. Newbie looking for Ukulele help - good Kala on Amazon?
  47. New to the Ukelele
  48. Some Day: curly koa concert uke
  49. does anyone know chords or tabs to play the doctor who theme?
  50. B Scales?
  51. Ukulele buzzing
  52. Ukulele song book
  53. Lessons
  54. Learned the scale and chords - now what?
  55. first song
  56. First of many questions...
  57. My first video - ukulele parody
  58. fat body uke
  59. Naruto Medley Aldrine
  60. Fingering
  61. songs with c g7 f
  62. Haere Mai (welcome) to 2012, from New Zealand
  63. 4 strings on an 8 sring Banjo Uke
  64. Ukulele Boot Camp for 2012
  65. Intonation. How does it work?
  66. arch top
  67. First ukulele BUT I am coming with musical experience.
  68. Should I upload my ukulele playing to Youtube?
  69. Strumming
  70. A Quality Uke
  71. Inherited vintage uke
  72. It's a good day
  73. help with tab
  74. Did anyone struggled with 'Jingle Bells' strumming?
  75. Sore fingers
  76. Reading Music?
  77. Baritone Ukulele vs. Guitar?
  78. Am/B
  79. Singing and playing
  80. Tuning question: Notes go flat during sustain
  81. Having trouble finding songs to play...
  82. What's the best way to hold a tenor uke in order to minimize movement?
  83. Confused about string 'optimization'
  84. what are EQs for ukuleles?
  85. Can someone explain in depth the difference between a tenor and a concert?
  86. Which strings are softest on your fingers?
  87. Strum with thumb?
  88. Can you play the Ukulele if you can't read music?
  89. Question about whether my G string is low or high
  90. This is pretty cool for guitar players just learning the ukulele!
  91. I figured out why I like the ukulele!
  92. I'm buying my first ukulele, strings, and tuner. Help me not make a bad choice!
  93. Flower of Scotland
  94. Issues with strumming...
  95. baby questions: how to hold the uke? what's up with barre chords?
  96. Mainland
  97. How on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
  98. Is this how it begins?
  99. What's up with naming your ukulele
  100. notes and tabs...specifically arranged for Low G....
  101. Options when buying
  102. Beginner Uke
  103. Time count for strumming pattern
  104. Transition D -> C tuning
  105. High Humidity
  106. Any warm up exercises
  107. Strings really do matter!
  108. What to get?
  109. Low g or high G tab: how do you tell?
  110. New uke, new strings
  111. Do the beginners know about.....
  112. Help! Newbie Uke shopping!!
  113. dumb question! f/c
  114. Muffling my A string with my palm
  115. SUS makala dolphin setup?
  116. Ukulele out-of-tune on any frets
  117. Uke’n Play Ukulele for Kids - A good book for all beginners!
  118. What To Buy Next?
  119. Do you become more critical of your uke's sound?
  120. ukulele tune up.
  121. What I learned today...
  122. Some questions on terminolgy
  123. Confused about sizes
  124. using an iPAD/garageband to record your uke
  125. Simplified ragtime ukulele?
  126. Makin that D chord
  127. Nice site for beginners....
  128. Girl on the platform smile ukulele chords!
  129. New uke on the way
  130. How to determine identical notes on the fretboard?
  131. Luna Soprano Vs Islander MS-4?
  132. Blues Ukulele
  133. How to include a poll in a new thread?
  134. My new Maui Music Uke
  135. Perfromance anxiety
  136. ukulele tuning on a classical guitar?
  137. friction pegs and restringing
  138. First Uke music lesson! Already baffled by "Autumn Leaves". Know it?
  139. String Questions
  140. Ukuleles in the car?
  141. Oil fretboard with strings on?
  142. Ukulele Workshops from the Professionals
  143. hi G to low G
  144. Which finger to use
  145. The Most Popular Uke Question..
  146. Beginner book
  147. Does a strap (or half-strap) help learning?
  148. New Uke for a New Uker
  149. Music theory Software
  150. Strumming Question....Patterns and such
  151. Humidity Control within this style of case
  152. G Chord fingering
  153. Ukulele Maintenance?
  154. What ever shall I do????
  155. Happy Uke Day!
  156. Luna Pineapple vs Luna "honu" soprano
  157. Finger pressure
  158. Which fingers do you use on fingerpicking songs?
  159. Club song books
  160. Ukulele Tuner
  161. Looking to ID what I bought - did I mess up and buy a toy?
  162. Tabs Searchable by Chord/s?
  163. Fingernail Questions
  164. F Major scale question
  165. Changing Strings and Worths
  166. Fingerpicking between notes on the same string
  167. Unique opportunity for passionate ukulele teachers
  168. What does it mean for a song to be in a given key?
  169. How does set up help intonation up the neck?
  170. worth strings
  171. Same ukulele
  172. Proper playing and scratch protection?
  173. ukulele tuning GCEA ?
  174. Gm6 is the same as Em7b5 because...
  175. Note Naming - # vs b
  176. out of tune if fretting down to the fingerboard !!!
  177. string life
  178. New chord shapes when tuned up?
  179. Tutorial Videos
  180. New Koaloha Uke
  181. The cost of ukulele evangelism (or what microphone)
  182. What's wrong with my ukulele :(
  183. What does tuner measure?
  184. Minor Scales
  185. My Birthday Present
  186. are tenor strings OK for concert ukulele ?
  187. What's up with the oddball sound holes?
  188. 2 questions
  189. Well set up cheap ukes
  190. Strumming/rhythm
  191. Lefty -questions and problems
  192. Are solids tops (only) more stable than all solid?
  193. Alternative way of playing an E chord?
  194. shoe lace as strap ?
  195. ...will New Strings make a difference on a cheapie.....??
  196. Guitar players learning Ukulele
  197. Strings For Fingerpickin' ?
  198. Peterson Stroboclip
  199. GCEA vs. gCEA
  200. Uke lessons from a guitar instructor???
  201. D Am Em G - Killer chord progression
  202. What does this tab mean?
  203. What do you think of this Concert Ukulele?
  204. Low G on concert uke
  205. Mid-range priced ukulele???
  206. New UKE Frets way off? Noob error?
  207. Uke Purchase Suggestion Considerations.
  208. Advice (ukes / strings / techniques) for getting the kind of sound I like
  209. Four weeks and three ukes later...
  210. Questions about the KA-FMC Concert Uk
  211. I bought and sent for the Islander Concert Mahogany MC-4......!!!
  212. Lowered my action today
  213. New Kamaka intonation off?
  214. how do you play F#m
  215. how to play
  216. Why the headstock rats next (surplus string)?
  217. Am I just deluding myself!
  218. Letters on top of sheet music...
  219. Another Beginner question... from a beginner..
  220. New Kala KA-SMHT
  221. Finally got my first Uke @ HMS! *pics*
  222. First Uke
  223. First Uke Hunting
  224. Strings.....did I use the wrong kind????
  225. What is rest and how to raggea strum
  226. Baby steps. What is next?
  227. Lanikai LU-21 VS. Kala KA-S
  228. mellow string for a solid spruce top?
  229. Playing above or below top body border?
  230. Another "What to buy" thread
  231. What songs should I learn?
  232. Replace friction tuners on a vintage Martin baritone ukulele?
  233. Before I take the plunge
  234. adventure time!?!
  235. Songs for 9 year old?
  236. Right Hand Practice Drills
  237. Chord Progessions Uke vs Guitar vs any Instrument
  238. Just ordered my first ever Ukulele
  239. New Kala solid wood uke
  240. My strumming hits the body of the ukulele!
  241. new Mainland uke problem
  242. songs with 3-4 chords
  243. Newbie looking at some ukes - could use some expert/experienced advice
  244. Strumming.....
  245. D'Addario Strings.....
  246. Unknown chord
  247. Nice beginners' song book from Brian at Marlow Uke Group
  248. Dan Zanes songbook
  249. 1st uke decision making, need some help
  250. Struggling with the Bm chord